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I am trying my luck here. Here's a task for me where i have to display my best efforts at being suave or charming to the opposite sex. I find it a bit simple yet tricky task to work on.

This is will be one of the fastest way to attract the opposite sex. Am I right? *wide grin* However this will only last for a short while. This is something not permanent to attract the opposite sex. Now I will come up with some tips and ways to win over the opposite sex.

Does anyone out there know what is the actual definition of charming? I personally unsure of the definition too. I always think that one has to be attractive and good looking in order to be charming. I went searching for the actual definition and came to realise one does not have to be pretty, handsome or good looking for as long as he or she is gracious and considerate. The word 'charming' comes from the original word 'charm' which means attractive and alluring characteristics.

Once you learn how to be charming, you'll find that you go through life much happier and much more likely to attract and seduce members of the opposite sex. Being charming is a little tricky in this day and age, with changing ideas about how men and women should relate. However, if you follow these tips, you shouldn't have a problem.

To be charming is to be gracious and considerate. A charming person has class and gives more than he takes. He is also courteous, mature and considerate. People like to be around charming men and know that they can be trusted. Be gracious. A charming person doesn't use his words or actions to promote himself or make himself look good. When someone compliments you, accept the compliment, but point out the good qualities of other people at the same time.

If we have yet to notice, charm is the art of having a good personality. A good personality in the context is how good we are with people. Good looks is a part of charm, but even that forms your first impression with people so it relates to people skills. If you look good and you know it (and not in a cocky way), it will come through in your personality and you're more likely to act your most "charming". Know who you are and be that person. Don't worry over another person's antics. Let them be them and you be you.

Dress Comfortably
You may have worn an outfit that was "hot" or "appealing" or "fashionable", but didn't feel completely "yourself" in it. You feel wrong wearing something that isn't you. You spend time adjusting, looking in the mirror and worrying you look ridiculous. It distracts too much of your brain.

This is me. I usually feel comfortable wearing a simple tank top and a pair of denim shorts to go for outings with friends. 

The principle is this: get comfortable in what you wear or don't wear it. Don't go out of your way to wear something just because you heard it appeals to someone of the opposite sex. You'll look more like a weirdo tugging at your outfit whole night than if you wore your trustworthy outfit that hasn't failed for years. For example, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton's fashion looks.

Simple and classy look of Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and yet fashionable.

Be Sociable
I was going to put “be nice”, but that can be interpreted as some of the worst advice ever. If you’re on a date, be nice to the valet people, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and other service workers by smiling and saying, "Hello". Ask them with genuine interest how their day is going. It’s charming to show friendliness to these people. If you’re a snotty snob, you’re looking worse by the second and the people around you will wonder how you do your hair so strategically to hide your horns. Being sociable in everyday “micro-interactions” makes you charismatic. 

Stand with Good Posture
An upright posture with your spine straight, your shoulders back and your chin up (not up the behind of the person you’re impressing, but not down at your chest, either) gived the added impression of self-confidence. Many people avoid standing this way because they feel uncomfortable or over powered, but over time standing with good posture will feel more natural and you will look better.

Think Before You Speak

This will be one of the easiest ways to learn how to be charming is to take a moment to consider my words before I release them into the world. I always make sure that my words do not hurt anyone's feelings. A charming person does not take over the conversation but instead inserts classy comments and opinions at the right moment. And of course, try not to interrupt during the conversation if possible.

Keep in Mind - Silence is Golden
Silence at the right time is charming. A silent look into someone's eyes with a warming smile can say much more than hours of speech. If you're awful at moments of silence, practice showing interest in people and work on your listening skills. People have untapped knowledge deep listening digs up. If a guy is talking about a problem, listening intently helps him solve his own problems and it makes you look good!

Just like how my lecturer and friends who were listening attentively during my presentation.

By actively listening you honor the talker's thoughts and feelings and accept the person for who they are, which they'll love you for. Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver. Don't make them wish they had a roll.

Actions are one of the ways to communicate how charming you are. Speak politely wherever you go. Always keep smiling, make good eye contact and shaking hands firmly are all ways to act in a charming manner. Smiling is always the best way to attract the opposite sex.

A smile that shows teeth is more appealing and more attractive than a smile with lips together. The later isn't as natural and charming. Even if you don't like your teeth, research proves showing them when you smile gives off more authenticity. It also helps show you're enjoying yourself, which is a charming trait. Look your best and you'll act your best. Your best is the most charming.

Don't Lose Your Temper
No matter what happens, do not take out your anger on people or things, no matter how deserving they might be. No one likes a person who fakes being charming and then shows his true nature to be the complete opposite.

Show Confidence

Megan Fox shows her confidence by looking good at all time. =)

This is undeniable. If you enter a social situation feeling good about yourself and looking your best, you will be fine. If you enter any situation with your tail between your legs worrying about doing something wrong, you probably will stuff up. That's all I am going to say about confidence as nobody can quickly tell you how to be confident.

Remember Arrogance Is NOT Charm
Charm doesn't mean you walk up to someone, then talk about how awesome you are. If two minutes into the conversation you’re bragging about your recent humanitarian efforts in Haiti and rattling off the titles of all the leather bound books in your office, you’re not a charmer; you’re an arrogant a-hole. Please stop talking. As you’re about to discover, real charm comes from receiving by doing things like being genuinely interested, not pushing your awesomeness onto others.

Be Lively, NOT Obnoxious
Whether you are in a bar, at a restaurant or attending an event in the park, if you are the loudmouth that everyone can hear across the bar, they will want to punch you in the face. It's not cute and it's not charming to be the loud and obnoxious person. =)

So this is me trying my best to look good at all times even in my formal look. =)

So these are the tips to share with the readers on how to attract the opposite sex. Of course with the AXE Deodorant, it can also be an additional point to win over the heart of the opposite sex. 

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And to answer the question given by the contest, I deserve to be sent to Anarchy Island because I have list of tips that are worth sharing with the readers and I wanna meet Fay Hokulani in person too. She is my role model! I also strongly think that my tips are useful in future no matter what happens in future. Just bear in mind that you don't have to be a gorgeous lady in order to win the heart of the opposite sex as long as you look presentable and good at all times. =)

lotsa love,

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