The Dark Knight Rises ❤

Thanks to AllAlloy for the private movie screening and charity dinner that were held last week. My cousin brought me along cause I wanted to watch The Dark Knight Rises which were aired in cinema on 19th July, a few days before. 

Watching a movie in Singapore is not cheap especially I am no longer a student though my student card is still valid. :P The private movie screening entitled us to 1 set of large popcorn combo with 2 canned coke. We even had light refreshments at The Cathay Restaurant before the movie started. 

There were 3 slots to be chosen and my cousin picked the first one as we wanted to go back early after the dinner and movie since the movie took us about 2 and a half ago to finish. It was pretty boring in the front part and thank god i did not fall asleep. :P I would rate this movie 4.5 out of 5. The cat woman is HOT! =) 

P/s: Thanks AllAlloy for the private movie screening. To all the readers, remember to watch this movie! *wide grin*


lotsa love,

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