Veet It Off With Nuffnang - What Beauty Feels Like ❤

How Veet gives me soft and smooth skin that brings out the confidence in me? 

It's simple. I can have radiant and smooth skin with 3 easy steps with Veet Hair Removal Cream and 5 steps with Veet Wax Strips. 

Of course this is not me. :P 

It brings me confidence whenever I wear shorts where I can show off my smooth and radiant skin and definitely hair-free sexy legs.

Today I am going to show you guys how do I feel confidence by revamping my old white tshirt into something extraordinary. =)

Front view of my white tshirt.

Back view of my white tshirt. 

Let me show you guys a few shots of myself with the revamped clothes on. I wore my woven shirt with a black spaghetti straps singlet and matched with a pair of grey jeans. 
My revamped outfit. 

More photos below with funny poses of mine. Taken in a hotel located at Bukit Bintang by my sister-in-law. Thanks sis! 

I put on two Nuffnang badges to enhance the front view of the shirt. I cut both of the sleeves to change it into sleeveless.  Wanted to weave both sides of the tshirt but I was afraid that my mission will fail. So in the end, I chose to weave the back of my shirt only.

Facing my back to show you guys my creation. =) 

The closer view of the woven shirt. =) 

It's actually very simple to weave the shirt. Follow these 5 steps below and you will achieve the same results as mine. FYI, the woven tshirt is a bit messy because the quality of the shirt sucks to the max. I suggest to you guys to use a better quality material of clothes to do the weaving part as it will affect the results of the weaving part. 

I tied knots on both sides of the tshirt to create a tank top.

Add on any kind of nice badges on the place where you have the knots tied to hide the knots and I chose Nuffnang badges for my revamped outfit in this case. =)

Last but not least, a selca shot of mine with my revamped outfit and of course with the Nuffnang badges. *winkz*

P/s: I would like to thank Veet for organizing such an awesome contest! Was busy spending my last long weekend with my loved ones and couldn't spare some time to blog.. Sorry for the delay. Will try to blog more often. Thank you readers for being so supportive! xoxo 

lotsa love,

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