Free Flow of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream! ❤

I was in KL for the whole day on last Friday. Never have a chance to go to my office which is located in Subang. Anyway, things didn't go well the night before till I attended the Baskin Robbins Flavor Election event which I was invited by Nuffnang. Pretty stressful with crazy workloads and proposals to be done. *sigh* Anyway, thanks Nuffnang! :)

It was drizzling and I was caught in a massive jam thinking that I might be late for the registration.  Thank god we were not late. Yay! I can have Baskin Robbins ice-creams for FREE! *wide grin*

Upon registration, each of us were given a sheet of paper to cast our vote for the bloggers and Baskin Robbins t-shirt to be worn on that day to redeem our free ice-creams! *nom nom* 

Once we had decided to vote for which candidate, we need to put our votes into these boxes. =)

A photo of myself wearing the BR t-shirt. Sorry for my tired look. =(

Check out these photos I had taken in The Square, Publika. =) 

Mr Sundae was playing with the lil girl. 

Liang as the host for the event that night. 

Five flavours of Baskin Robbins ice cream to be eaten on that day. *drool*

Selca shot #1 - Posing with my first round of BR ice-cream. :P Sorry for the low quality photo from my secondary camera though.

Our second round of ice-cream. 

Three cups in our hand. Our third round of ice-cream. *nom nom*

Anyway, guess who did I meet during the event? 

My buddy aka little bro, Khoo Leong from Taiping. 

P/s: 1. Thank god that it was only drizzling. Or else I would shiver to death after consuming the ice-creams. :P 
    2. I am going home this weekend for a special occasion happening in my house. My brother's wedding. 

lotsa love,

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