Nike We Run KL 10K 2012 ❤

Last year the run took place at Padang Merbok and this year the route was slightly different where the start and finish lines were placed at two different locations which is at Jalan Ampang and Padang Merbok. Complicated max~ That morning, the weather was pretty bad that it rained pretty heavy and I almost wanna give up on this run. Both ChurpOut 2012 and Nike run were held on the same day and I was in dilemma max not knowing which event should I go.

The race route map.

The start line of Nike We Run KL 10K 2012 is at Jalan Ampang.

In the end, I chose to go for the Nike run and missed out my first ChurpOut event. =( In the end, the run made me disappointed max. No more organizing night run please~ I heard that the baggage systems were sucks to the max according to  my friend. Thank god I did not bring any bag to the run. 

Speaking of that, my secondary school friend, Ann Nie and I started our journey pretty early to KL as we were afraid that the road closure would cause traffic jams. To our surprise, there were no traffic jams at all and we reached there at 3.30 pm. =/ 

And the road was empty. =.=" 

Introducing Ann Nie. 

Yours truly. 

We were there too early. =.=

Before the race. 

It was a bad hair day. My Swatch watch ran out of battery, phone ran out of battery that I could not even contact any of my friends and sister. My shoes were covered with mud and spoilt. The hooligans were fighting over the bottles of water and the finishing line and I stood for almost an hour plus to get the finisher tee. The organizer should know that there were 15 000 people joining this run and yet the booth for the finisher tee is super small and couldn't fit maybe 10 people. They should have fenced up each booth according to the tee sizes so that the participants would not push each other and make the whole situation like chickens waiting to fight for food. 

Check out the photos below. Credits to Nike Running Malaysia. 

Can you guys spot me? :P

As usual, Nike run has entertainment along the run to give moral support to the runners.

P.s: I think last year's run was 1000 % better than this. Not properly organised and I regretted for forgoing my ChurpOut event just for this lousy run. 

lotsa love,

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