Be A Maybank2u Star ❤

I know it's pretty late to blog about it... Alright I have less than an hour to complete this post. Anyway, Maybank2u has served me for number of years because I am a big fan of Maybank. *wide grin* Maybank has provided me good services which I am satisfied with it and I never have complaints about it. *hint hint*

Here's the ad that I had submitted in the Maybank2u Facebook App Contest. (Link: here

Not only that, Maybank selected me as one of the winners for Maybank Legoland Bloggers Contest on two months ago and I won myself a pair of tickets to Legoland!! How cool is that?? (Check out the links for the posts: Why Maybank Should Give Me Tickets to Legoland? and Thank You Legoland Malaysia and Maybank!)

So who says Maybank is not good? At least I get to go to Legoland for free!! *yay* 

Posing with my Legoland tickets that I won in Maybank Legoland Bloggers Contest. Whee~ 

Last but not least,
A photo of myself with the entrance of Legoland Malaysia. Yay! 


P/s: Last post for year 2012. I am here to wish my readers, "Happy New Year 2013"! Will try to blog more often when I am at overseas for work in two days' time. Bye readers! ❤

lotsa love,

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