Bloggers Graffiti Workshop with Nuffnang and DiGi ❤

First of all, I would like to thank Nuffnang and DiGi for their awesome invitation to this graffiti workshop which was held on last Saturday at The Square, Publika. Registration started from 12.30pm till 1.00pm and I was late for almost half an hour due to taking the wrong route to Publika from Sunway.. Geeez.... 

I was late for the graffiti workshop!! I was devastated that I could not be there to listen to the artists' experiences and route to be a successful graffiti artists till today. I am a big fan of graffiti ever since I was young because I always admire how those people can paint a white wall into a creative piece of art. 

Here's one of the artists who shared his experience throughout his journey on becoming a successful graffiti artist. 

Sorry that I could not recall your name. But ur art works amazed me till my jaw opened wide on that day. *thumbs up*

Of course I am amazed with his long hair too. Heehee *wide grin*

The host of the day. Sorry that I did not get your name that day.. I am such a bad and lousy blogger. =(

The workshop took us about one and a half hour at the Black Box, Publika and we, the bloggers were told to have our light food before proceeding to the next agenda. Guess what did the bloggers had for refreshment that day?


Healthy sandwiches from O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe!! *drool*  

Thank you O'Briens! *nom nom*

There were a few stalls selling the graffiti stuffs such as clothes, badges, caps and etc for charity purposes and to support the local graffiti artists to expand their artistic pieces of graffiti art. 

There were performances as well. Whee~

Robot in Publika! :P 

Look at Mr Katun's piece of art. 

He told me that he needed about an hour to complete the whole drawing. He got the idea of spraying this drawing on the spot without having proper sketch of the exact concept. 

You can see that most creative people are left-handed. Just like me! LOL! 

His art work was almost done.
Important tools needed for graffiti art.

Took a photo with Mr Katun with his drawing as background. ❤

Check out the rest of the photos I had taken during the event. Great pieces of art work from the artists. They are simply amazing! :D 

There was a graffiti competition for the high school student where they had to come up with a piece of art with the theme they were given. Below are the photos of the students' art work. 

I was given the opportunity to spray on the canvas. Cool~ The technique of spraying is important in graffiti. I dare not spray much because this piece of art work was done by Mr Katun and I did not want to ruin his beautiful piece of art. =/

Sprayed only a small part of the drawing. 

A blogger who was spraying on the other part of the drawing. 

Another piece of art work. 

Met a new blogger friend. She is super nice and friendly. Her name is Stephy. =)

Selca-ing with Stephy, my new blogger friend. Follow her blog here.

Group photo of the graffiti artists. 

Last but not least, a photo of myself spraying on the canvas. *ho ho ho* 

I can be a talented graffiti artist too. LOL! 

Thank you Nuffnang and DiGi for giving me the opportunity to learn more about graffiti. In fact, I missed a lot of DiGi and Nuffnang events for the past few month and I regretted for not attending them especially the video shooting from DiGi on September. I hope that I will have the opportunity to attend such wonderful and fruitful events from Nuffnang and DiGi in future. Thank you once again. =)  

P/s: Second blog post of the month. Low productivity for month of December due to workloads in the office. Can't wait for my short getaway on this weekend. Yay! 

lotsa love,

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