#5 Movie Review: Premiere Screening of Beautiful Creatures ❤

My last movie of the week - Beautiful Creatures! Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation. I was late for the ticket collection and thank god I was not given the front seats. Or else, I would have just walked away and gone home instead. All thanks to the super massive traffic jam! T.T 

I had a quick dinner at Burger King and did not have much time to walk around because I would not want to walk too much because my legs were super tired. While waiting, this is what I did: Camwhoring! *oops*

Shot #1 Camho-ing with my ticket. 

Shot #2 The same shot but different hand gesture. :P

Shot #3 - Without the ticket this time. Hehe. ❤

When newcomer Lena Duchannes arrives in the small town of Gatlin, she quickly captures the attention of Ethan Wate, who only wants to escape what he views as a boring and dead-end town. He quickly gets more than he bargained for, as Lena possesses strange powers that have long kept her at a distance from others in her life. Lena and Ethan are drawn together, but their romance is threatened by the dangers posed by Lena's being a Caster and her family's dark Dark powers, for upon her sixteenth birthday Lena must undergo the Claiming, a process that will decide her fate forever: Light or Dark. 

Movie Review
Lena and Ethan look good together. I love both of them especially Lena. She is gorgeous! *hee* Anyway, the movie is about 2 hours long and I find it too short. There are certain scenes which are kinda scary for me but I am still able to take it. Not too gory for me. Rate of this movie is 4/5.

P/s: Been very busy with entertainment this week. Anyway, I am looking forward to an event tomorrow! Yayers! *jumping with joy* 

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