#4 Movie Review: Premiere Screening of Flight ❤

Saved this movie in my hard disk two weeks ago and I did not have the time to watch. In addition, I do not have the habit of watching movie from the hard disk except for Glee. *wide grin* 

So why not watching in cinema when I can watch with bigger screen and better sound effect in cinema? *hehe* Anyway thank you Nuffnang once again for the invitation. P/s: It's my second screening of the week. 

Denzel Washington as Whip Whitaker ❤

Air travel aviator Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) is hovering an aircraft from Florida to Atlanta. Moments before lineage, the aircraft instantly goes into unrestrained plunge. Unbelievably, nevertheless, on account of Whitaker's professional travelling, the aircraft gets comparatively properly, with only half a dozen of the 102 travellers perishing. The aviator is a leading man, though the examination shortly shows that he was intoxicated on the day of the journey. Whitaker is compelled to deal with his challenges as he prepares to experience pondering from the government researchers. 

Movie Review
In my opinion, I think this movie brings a lot of moral lessons to us in daily life. One should keep an eye on his/her health and of course not to be an alcoholic as driving while drunk can cause death. One should also not to risk their life as alcohol is not good for health. Why on earth that people created alcohol by the way? I don't get it. *sigh* Alcohol lovers should watch this movie. Rate of this movie: 4/5. 

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