Nuffnang Is Turning 6! ❤

Nuffnang is turning 6! Are you bloggers excited for it?  Well, congrats to Mr Stickman on his 6th birthday! Yay! And Nuffnang is having its huge 6th birthday bash, all thanks to Lust, KL, DiGi and Deezer!

There are a list of songs that I wish to be played during Nuffnang's Birthday Bash on this Saturday! So check the playlist below:

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I guess everyone must be wondering why do I choose such songs for Nuffnang birthday bash. 
1. We must party hard in Nuffnang's 6th birthday bash as this will be a wonderful experience especially with the famous bloggers around Malaysia.
2. We must live while we're young and enjoy to the fullest while we are young. 
3. Let the music rock and roll and don't ever stop the party.
4. All the people out there should have fun together with me at Nuffnang 6th birthday bash and I am pretty sure that everyone will be enjoying themselves to the maximum! 

All My People by Sasha Lopez 

Levels by Avicii

Live While We're Young by One Direction 

Don't Stop The Party by Pitbull 

Party All Night (Sleep All Day) by Sean Kingston

So what are you waiting for? Come and have fun with us at Nuffnang 6th birthday bash with your favourite bloggers at Lust, KL on this Saturday!

Anyway, have you guys selected the songs to be played during the party? I have selected mine and here's the album cover.

My favourite songs to be played in the Nuffnang's party! 

P/s: Can Mr Stickman play the songs in my playlist pretty please? *begging*

lotsa love,

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