#22 Movie Review: Pacific Rim ❤

Had the opportunity to watch premiere screening of Pacific Rim with Nuffnang few weeks ago. Was lucky to watch in 3D and guess what I have 5 3D glasses at home now. That would be my another collection for 3D glasses. LOL!

In 2013, human cities come under attack by the Kaijus: colossal extradimensional beasts who rise from an interdimensional portal on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. To combat them, the nations of the Pacific Rim unite and build the Jaegers: equally colossal humanoid war machines, each manned by two pilots whose brains are linked to share the overwhelming mental load of piloting the sophisticated machines. Though the Jaegers are effective, the Kaiju attacks grow more frequent and powerful. By 2025, the Pacific Rim governments have discontinued the Jaeger project and resort to building massive coastal walls to protect humanity from the Kaijus. The four remaining Jaegers are redeployed to Hong Kong to defend the unfortified coast until the wall is completed. Stacker Pentecost (Elba), commander of the Jaeger forces, devises a plan to end the war by using a nuclear weapon to destroy the portal.

Pentecost approaches retired pilot Raleigh Becket (Hunnam) and convinces him to return and pilot Gipsy Danger, the Jaeger he and his brother Yancy once piloted. During a mission off the coast of Alaska, Yancy was killed by a Kaiju while connected to his brother, traumatizing Raleigh. Arriving at Hong Kong, Raleigh is paired with potential co-pilots to find one with a strong connection, as the stronger the connection, the better their performance in battle. Sensing a strong connection, Raleigh demands to be partnered with Mako Mori (Kikuchi), the director of the Jaeger refurbishment project. Pentecost opposes, as Mako is his adopted daughter, but he eventually relents. The duo's initial test run nearly ends in disaster when Mako becomes engrossed in a childhood memory of the Kaiju attack that orphaned her; she inadvertently activates and almost discharges Gipsy Danger's weapons while in the hangar. Shortly thereafter, the remaining Jaegers are tasked with fending off a double Kaiju attack in Hong Kong. The defense goes badly, with the Kaijus destroying two Jaegers and disabling the third. Pentecost sends Raleigh and Mako to mount a last stand with Gipsy Danger.

Meanwhile, Newton Geiszler (Day)—a scientist studying the Kaijus—assembles a machine allowing him to establish a mental link with a Kaiju brain fragment. The experience nearly kills him, but he discovers the Kaijus are not wild beasts, but engineered weapons fighting at the behest of a race of alien conquerors. With Pentecost's approval, he seeks out Hannibal Chau (Perlman), a major figure in the trafficking of Kaiju parts, in an attempt to procure an intact Kaiju brain to repeat the experiment. Chau deduces that the Kaijus are searching Hong Kong for Geiszler, because his experiment has attracted their attention, as the mental link is two-way and the Kaijus possess a hive mind. After Gipsy Danger kills both Kaijus, Chau and his team move in to harvest parts. Geiszler realizes one of the Kaijus is pregnant. The newborn bursts from its mother and swallows Chau before dying. Geiszler and his partner Hermann Gottlieb (Gorman) merge with the newborn Kaiju's intact brain and learn the portal will only open for a Kaiju, which is why all previous attempts to destroy it have failed.

The two remaining Jaegers are sent to execute Pentecost's plan to destroy the portal with a nuclear weapon. Pentecost co-pilots the Jaeger carrying the warhead, but they are forced to detonate early, sacrificing themselves to destroy the powerful Kaijus guarding the portal. Raleigh and Mako seize the final Kaiju with Gipsy Danger and use it to enter the portal. Running out of oxygen, Raleigh ejects Mako, initiates the nuclear reactor's overload sequence, then ejects himself. Gipsy Danger's nuclear core detonates, laying waste to the alien conquerors and destroying the portal. Mako and Raleigh's escape pods surface safely in the Pacific, and the duo embrace as rescue helicopters arrive.

Some of the scenes were too quick and dark. I find it hard to catch up the scenes however this is another movie with new apocalypse which is unlikely to happen in future perhaps? Nobody knows about the future. Rate of the movie: 3.5/5. (:

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