#LepakWithNuffies at Coffee Societe ❤

Knowing that it was a public holiday that day, I was more excited than anyone else because it would be my first time attending #LepakWithNuffies session with Nuffies and 15 Nuffnangers at Coffee Societe at Publika. (:

Since it was a public holiday for Selangor area, I started journey quite early to Publika afraid that it would cause traffic jam along the expressway. Oh my I was wrong. It was pretty jam when I got out from the expressway. =( However, I managed to reach 10 minutes earlier before the actual time. And there were some Nuffies and Nuffnangers waiting for us already. =/

Anyway Coffee Societe is currently active in social networking site such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Check out the photo below for their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts alright? (: As for the Instagram, do put on a hashtag #coffeesociete if you upload photos in Coffee Societe! *hee*

While waiting for the rest to come, I ordered my drink. I ordered a cappuccino. We get to drink free flow coffee that night. But too bad I can't drink much because my tummy can't really take much of the coffee. Sorry guys! But frankly speaking the coffee here is not bad. 

Their menu. 

My cappucino. (:

Dustyhawk's coffee with minion design. (: Love this!

I love how they displayed the bottle of coffee beans on the table. This is one of a unique decoration instead of putting flowers on the centre of the table. (:

We then started off with a short briefing of the purpose of this #LepakWithNuffies session. After that, we were told to introduce ourselves one by one about our blog, personal life and etc. Anne, the Community Relation Manager briefly talked about her department's job scope. I seriously love their job scopes where they can interact / communicate with us, the bloggers itself. (:

Group photo with Kelly, Anne, Janice (yours truly) and Darren with his food. Thank you Dustyhawk and Shah for photobombing our photo. Lol!

Darren and Shah also explained about the other departments' job scopes in order for us to know better. I seriously love and enjoy their working environment each time I visited their office.

A photo of myself with Anne and Darren. 

Guess what? All the Nuffies are damn friendly. I kinda enjoyed this session a lot as I get to know each of them better. I always thought their work is pretty easy and relaxing. But throughout this session, I realised that their job is never easy. They have to face certain challenges when dealing with bloggers themselves sometime. They are truly amazing! (: A small team does all the work to make each of the Nuffnangers happy! (: Great job guys!

Shah, Anne and Darren waiting patiently for their turn to speak up. *hee*

After all the chitchatting session, we also had a Q&A session where we got to ask whatever questions that we would like to ask. I think I asked quite number of questions that night. *oops*

Group photo before we called it a day. Group shot #1

Group shot #2 - Nuffnang Stickman's pose.

I seriously hope that I will get another chance to attend this #LepakWithNuffies session again. Nice knowing all the Nuffnangers and Nuffies. I had so much fun that night despite it was a short session. Last but not least, thank you Nuffnang for the awesome Nuffnang tee and I can wear the tee in the upcoming Nuffnang events! Not forgetting Coffee Societe for the awesome free-flow coffee! You guys should go there and visit Coffee Societe one day and try the coffee yourself! (: 

Thank you Nuffnang! I love you Stickman! (:

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