[Event] ChurpOut 2013 at Setia City Park ❤

It was an awesome day at ChurpOut 2013 even though it was raining in between the activities which was held at outdoor park of Setia City Mall. Over 4000 social media influencers converged yet again upon the unique festival took place from 11 am to 8 pm. This was my first time attending the ChurpOut and I could still remembered that I skipped ChurpOut 2012 to join Nike We Run KL 2012 which was a real disaster for me. The event was organized badly without proper management. Super disappointed with the run last year. The previous run was way better! Hmm. Let's not talk about sad things and move to one of my favourite event of the year, ChurpOut 2013. (: 

Panoramic shot of the event. 

It was my first time to Setia City Park and I love the view here. (: Thank you sis and T for accompanying me to the ChurpOut and we always enjoy going to events together like how we go to Arthur's Day. (:

Yours truly posing with the beautiful view of Setia City Park. (: 

Behind the social media festival, ChurpOut 2013 was social media community ChurpChurp, which aims to bring together social media influencers in Malaysia and reward them for sharing the latest happenings, trends and brands with their friends. Churp Churp surprised the social media addicts by going for the vast outdoor park at Setia City Mall as a venue with colourful DOOF bean bags scattered throughout the whole venue. 

My baby girl, Jamie. (: 

There were a few Instagram contest where we would have to upload photos to win their limited edition Churp Churp badges. I also joined the competition to win myself a Line doll! :D 

 ChurpOut limited edition badges. (:


And here's the entry for the Instagram contest to win a Line doll! :D 

 My favourite part of ChurpOut2013. (:

Everyone was looking forward to the reverse bungee which was one of the highlights in this festival. Everyone gathered around to try out the reverse bungee. So did my sister, T and I. (:

Both sis and T wanted to try it too.. T went first. When it was T's turn, I was eager to try it out. But I told my sis that I would try after her. Eventually, after my sister went for the bungee, I decided not to try anymore because hers was way crazy. The bungee made her turn three rounds like a crazy woman whereas T was only a normal bungee jumping. I was afraid that I might vomit since I had my early lunch on that day.Somehow, I regretted for not trying out them out. 

Maybe you guys can have check out my YouTube videos on how the reverse bungee looked like. (:

Right after the reverse bungee activity, bloggers were ushered to each booths to know more about the activities and booths that were displayed on that day in Bloggers and Media Tour. Foodies were in for a treat at the Marketplace section of the fair, where ChurpOut 2013 official partner KyoChon made their Malaysian debut there. 


Members of the public had the chance to be the first to sample the freshest, healthiest chicken from one of South Korea’s largest, award-winning fried chicken restaurant franchises. The booth even attracted scores of fans of Korean mega stars Super Junior, the official ambassadors of KyoChon as the attendees had the chance to win Super Junior merchandise upon participating in games like a chilli chicken challenge, and a tongue twister challenge.

 I am a happy girl! :P

I was lucky enough to try out their KyoChon chicken. I had the original one as I can't really eat spicy food. 

Man, the chicken wings taste damn good. I seriously can't wait to try them in One Utama. (Missing all the good foods I had in Malaysia. T.T )

Pleasing the foodies as well was MAMEE, partnering ChurpChurp for ChurpOut for the second year in a row. At the MAMEE booth, members of the public satiated their hunger with various MAMEE Chef, Mister Potato, and MAMEE Monster products, and got entertained with several games as well.

Not forgetting, there were WOW Photobooth for us to take photos to keep as memories. I regretted for not taking more shots with my sister. =(

The Marketplace was also where the public could raid the wardrobes of influential fashion icons such as Audrey Ooi a.k.a. Fourfeetnine and Cheeserland of Foruchizu, and Hanis Zalikha, and scout for more great deals from various online boutiques such as Street Fashion by Sazzy Falak, Fashion Valet, Phat Culture, and more. Aside from serving as retail therapy, the shopping contributed to a good cause as well, as 10% of the profits went towards selected NGO partners for ChurpOut 2013.

After the bloggers and media tour, I grabbed the opportunity to capture a shot with Sue Ann and Nick. They are so nice and friendly! Thank you for organizing such an amazing event for social media addicts like me! *wide grin*

Sue Ann and Nick. (:

Other than providing interactional entertainment, the Street Fair section was also where art and creativity flourished. The festival brought together 7 of Malaysia’s most well-loved comic bloggers with 7 distinct styles, and throughout the day, Akiraceo, CheeChingy, Ernest Ng, Bolehland, Ericleeh, Ms Bulat and Kendylife showed off their skills illustrating papercraft caricatures, while their adoring fans looked on.

My sis is a big fan of Akiraceo.com. So she had Mr Jian Goh to draw a portrait of herself on a piece of paper. My sis was so crazy over him that she bought a phone cover of Miao Wafu Pafu for her phone. Too bad, iPhone 5 covers weren't released yet. So I did not buy. (:

The design is so damn cute! (:

Of course not forgetting to take a photo with Mr Jian Goh, the owner of Akiraceo.com. (:

Akiraceo.com, Jian Goh and I. (:

Apart from the generosity of the Marketplace vendors, the ChurpOut2013 charity initiative also included the sale of exclusive ChurpOut2013 Chari-Tees. Festival goers could order a customizable Chari-Tee with their own Twitter username on it, and RM 5 from the sale of each tee would go towards World Vision. I ordered one for myself too. (:

The Street Fair section of ChurpOut 2013 provided a carnival atmosphere throughout the day, where festival goers could find many of their favourite childhood carnival games there, such as the ring toss, stack-the-cans, bowling, and even an i Darts machine. There, attendees could also try their hand at blowing giant bubbles, and the free spirits could fly high with kites sold there as well.

Food, fashion and games weren’t all that ChurpOut 2013 had to offer. Always a supporter of the local music scene, ChurpOut 2013 showcased the best local talent in music and dance during the festival. Capoeira group Grupo Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Malaysia and cheerleading troupe Cheer Aces wowed the crowd with their energetic performances, while Youtube singer Sher Lin and Sunshine Band serenaded everyone with soothing tunes at the Center Stage.



In a partnership with leading independent movie distributor Nusantara Edaran Filem (NEF), local graffiti artist Kenji Chai and local designer Gilbert Ng provided a splash of colour for ChurpOut2013 as well with some unique art displays. In conjunction with the upcoming release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Chai worked on a collaborative “umbrella graffiti” art display which audiences could participate in as well, and also put his own spin on a dress inspired by Katniss’ in Catching Fire, designed exclusively by Ng.


After a full day’s worth of music, dance, food, art, games and fun, ChurpOut2013 has once again successfully rallied the Malaysian social media community, and demonstrated the ability of social media to bring people together. I will definitely join this event again! (:

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