My Beauty Diary Cosphingo Press Conference ❤

It was my pleasure to attend My Beauty Diary Press Conference which was held at Jusco Metro Prima Kepong. My Beauty Diary was there to launch their upgraded range of facial masks which now features Cosphingo.

Cosphingo assists the skin to improve its moisture with its retaining ability so that you can satisfy your hydration needs from all aspects. 

 Opening speech by Miss May Soo, the director of My Beauty Diary.

There are 8 types of My Beauty Diary Cosphingo mask which are Hyaluronic Acid mask, Arbutin Mask, Collagen Mask, Aloe Mask, Black Pearl Mask, Bird Nest Mask, Apple Mask and Pearl Mask.

 They also held a product demonstration during the press conference and they even taught us the tips on how to apply My Beauty Diary mask as well.


Not only that, the audience also had the opportunity to try their mask in miniature form. It's so thoughtful of them to make the mask in mini sizes and apply on the hands so that the girls do not have to remove their makeup when apply the mask.

I love the cooling effect of the mask and the mask is so hydrated that it provides enough hydration to my hand during the press conference. The mask did not dry up instantly after exposed to the environment. A must-try mask! (:

Pretty and cute packaging of the masks.

Cosphingo helps dehydrated skin to regain and maintains its softness and tenderness like a baby's skin. Natural extracted patented long-lasting moisturizing ingredient Cosphingo maintain healthy skin by sealing in water for natural hydration.


With 3D refined tailoring and texture characteristics, the new cloth mask fits your chin perfectly providing optimal adherence and comfort. The imported high-purity, environmental-friendly fibre largely reduces the effects of impurities on your skin. Its elastic and adherent structure instantly infuses the skin without abundant moisture.

Other than that, the series of products DO NOT contain paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oils, pigments and fluorescent agents. Other than beauty mask, they have facial products as well. Oh my the packaging are so damn pretty! *jelly*

In case you don't know, on 28th July 2013, 1213 people applied masks at the same time which created a Guinness World Record. Other than that, the other brand achievements are HWB Award 2013 Watson Singapore and Asia Pacific Top Excellent Brand Award 2012.

Anyway, check out the photos I had taken with the bloggers that day. I have not been seeing them for quite some time and this would be the opportunity to mingle with all of them. (:

 Sarah (:

 Li Chuen (:

 Yuh Jiun and I. She is one of the few whom I have known in my first event. (:

 Uni and I. (:

 Friendly JQ and I. (:

 #ootd - H&M from top to toe and flats from Crocs. (:

A photo with Miss May Soo. (: 

Last but not least, a group photo with the bloggers and Miss May Soo. (: Thank you for the opportunity to witness the awesome product from My Beauty Diary. Had fun mingling with bloggers and chitchatting about beauty products as usual. (:

Group photo with bloggers and Miss May Soo. (:

Every girls have a beauty diary in their heart to record all the beautiful memories. Regardless of tender soft or radiance white skin, there's an answer inside the diary. Girls record their boundlessness aspiration towards beauty with riotous profusion and sweetness imagination. Because of My Beauty Diary, beauty dreams are achievable. 

Prettier day by day - My Beauty Diary

P/s: My first post of the month. Sorry for the hiatus because of the terrible connection back in Manila.

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