[Review] Ninetology U9X1 / HTC One ❤

Holla readers, I was in Taiping over the weekend to recuperate from the sickness I had for the past two weeks. Had terrible throat infection and coughing for these few weeks. Prolly because I had been eating a lot of fried food in Manila, the throat infection got worse up till today. However, Taiping air is really fresh that I am slowly recovering. Hopefully I am able to recover before I am back in Manila again. =/ 

Anyway, I had the opportunity to review two phones which is Ninetology U9X1 and HTC One all thanks to Ninetology. This is my first time reviewing gadgets so bear with me alright? (:

 HTC One on the left and Ninetology U9X1 on the right. (:

I am going to make a comparison in between these two phones. For HTC One, it has a sleek aluminium body while for U9X1, it has plastic body which makes it slightly lighter compared to HTC One. 

HTC One has a live home screen that streams all of your favourite content, a photo gallery that comes to life and dual frontal stereo speakers. 

Both are working on Android OS and pretty much the same when it comes to functions.

As you can see from the photo above, HTC One is bigger and more square-ish compared to U9X1 which is more rounded at the back.

U9X1 is lighter compared to HTC One and HTC One's back attracts me more compared to U9X1 because it shows the name of the brand. If I were to hold U9X1, no one can actually guess the phone I was carrying. So I prefer the logo on the back of the phone. (:

The back of Ninetology U9X1.

The back of HTC One.

However as you can see from above, U9X1 is easier to grip for girls' hand compared to HTC One. I find it slightly bigger for me. I personally doesn't like big phones. Anything bigger than HTC One is a "NO NO" for me as I find it hard for me to put in my pocket. Having it to keep in the handbag always may attract the snatch thieves to eye on my bag more.

As for the home screen, HTC One shows clearer and higher resolution compared to Ninetology U9X1.

Left: HTC One and Right: Ninetology U9X1

HTC One has screen size of 4.7 inches with 2.1 megapixel of front camera while U9X1 has 13 Megapixels rear and 2 Megapixels 720p HD front camera. Tried the both models' camera and here's the results:

L: Taken with HTC One and R: Taken with U9X1

Both are taken under the same light conditions and you can see that the one on the left is slightly darker compared on the right. However both possesses the same quality of photos as you can see. (: 

Overall, both features are almost the same except for the body of the phone. I prefer aluminium body compared to plastic body. However, in terms of size, I prefer to have U9X1's because it's easier for girl's hand to grip a phone nicely. (:

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