[Beauty Review] Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar ❤

Anyone here love gradient lips? I have always loved gradient lips on K-Pop stars and I have no freaking idea on how to do it especially I am suck at doing one. Recently Laneige launched a new product and they came up with the idea of having two lip colours in one lip stick. Introducing Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar!

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar

This Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar comes in a new concept lip bar in edgy rectangular, sliding shape.  It also has artistic colour match for attractive lips with optimal colour combination and artistic gradation with diagonal cut and moisturizing text.

Instead of applying several lipsticks and glosses to create gradient lips using so many lipsticks and lip glosses, you are using only one lip bar to create the look you want! It's easy isn't it? There are 10 shades available in the market for you to choose depending on which colour you like. 

All the colours are so pretty! And wanna guess what colour did I pick?

I got myself No. 3 Pink Salmon because I love the combination colour of warm coral and pink. I personally have not tried applying warm coral colour on my lips before. 

Here's a photo of before and after applying the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Pink Salmon: 

Normally I will go for natural makeup. So I personally think that this Pink Salmon suits me as it can enhance my look and at the same time it will draw the attention to my lips instead of my eyes. (: 

Closer shot of my lips (:

It may look easy to be applied but I kid you not. When you do not apply correctly, the gradient effect might turn out not to be pretty obvious. So I would suggest you to apply slowly and steps by steps and remember to use a lip brush to apply on those areas which are hard to be reached by the Lip Bar so that you can get a better gradient effect with the two colours. 

It would be better if you use a clean tissue to wipe out the two colours which are overlapping each other so that you can apply the same gradient effect on your next lip touch up.

After several encounters of applying the Lip Bar, I am getting it right finally. 

Anyway here's the steps to show you girls on how to use this Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar:

Honestly speaking, I am super happy that I found the perfect Lip Bar to create two tone mix with the artistic lipstick. Can save money from buying more lipsticks. Hehe. Anyway, I can't wait to try on Cashmere Nude and Burgundy Love, another two of the Lip Bar in my wish list.

Overall, I find it worth purchasing as you can play with the colours. You can opt to mix both colours or you can apply as a gradient tone as you wish. I have tested on the colour pigment on the other hand. The colour stays on my lips for more than 4 hours surprisingly. Normally the colour of other brand only stays for 2 hours. I don't do touch up on my lips after food normally. So I guess this is the right product for me. For moisturising effect, it did help to moisturise my lips but for a short period of time only. I would suggest to apply lip balm before applying this lip bar for better moisturising effect. 

Thanks to Laneige for the latest innovation that I do not have to go through hassles of using two lipsticks to create gradient lips. Imagine that you don't have to go through countless makeup tutorials to achieve that look anymore! Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar is priced at RM75 and it is available in all Laneige counters.

For more details, visit them at:
Website: www.laneige.com.my
Instagram: www.instagram.com/laneigemy

Disclaimer: The product was purchased by myself. Reviews are based on my personal opinion. 

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