Pierre Cardin Boutique Launch @ Sunway Pyramid ❤

Have you ever tried Pierre Cardin lingerie before? It's one of my favourite lingerie brand especially their everyday bra. I am pretty sure that almost everyday the girls will wear the lingerie for the long hours and definitely we can't live without bra.

It was a busy Saturday and I had the opportunity to attend the grand launch of Pierre Cardin boutique which is located at Sunway Pyramid. The traffic was quite bad and thank god I managed to get a nice parking space in Sunway Pyramid.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by Renee. Renee is so friendly and she introduced to me the new arrival lingeries and sale items in the boutique.

I did my fitting session before picking up some of the lingerie sets that I would love to try. I finally decided to choose 1 basic bra for everyday wear, sexy Hello Dollie bra set and a sports bra for my workout session.

Basic Bra - Harmonic Elements
This bra is known as everyday bra, a comfort and trendy bra in market which provide you a comfy push up that we can't resist to wear every day. This colour is easy to mix and match with any clothing. With a clean cutting and trendy design, you will feel comfortable wearing it for all day long and fret not, this is also suitable to be worn in baby T and it also has push-up effects too.

Bra Set - Hello Dollie
Another sexy set collection from Pierre Cardin Spring and Summer Collection. Hello Dolly is the new collection in this season. This hot ands sexy undergarment which contains sexy push up function to bring the body a sizzling hot and sexiest silhouette you ever crave for. With fashionable and trendy colour, it's comfortable to be worn all day too. This Hello Dollie collection comes with the matching panty. 

Sports Bra - Seamfree Action and Seamfree Contrast
This sports bra got to be my favourite sports bra at this moment. I love how it has an ultimate comfy level during workout. Order than that, it alleviates discomfort and minimise the breast movement. I think I am going to purchase a few colours from this range since it's so comfortable wearing them. 

Here's a short background of Pierre Cardin:

"Pierre Cardin Lingerie was officially introduced into Singapore in 1995 and with its distinct French elegance and sexy designs, instantly captured the attention of Singaporean women. It's their aspiration to provide women with the perfect fit. As such, more product lines were designed with the Asian women in mind. Today, from everyday basics to fashion-forward pieces, be it for functionality, sophisticated events or intimate moments, they aim to be able to continually provide women with a complete suite of fashionable lingerie to suit all occasions."

Many of you must have known the purpose of wearing a bra. Bra is used it's used to lift and shape the breasts upward. Some might choose not wear that cause they feel more comfortable. However, what will happen if one do not wear bra? Just like the photo below:

Photo taken from Google. 

Side boobs might show that your boobs are sagging. Proving once again that not all stars are camera-ready 24/7, I think she should have really taken a second look in the mirror before stepping out - a bra would have probably saved her from these major embarassments. (Just my thoughts here.)

Anyway here are some tips to share with my readers. If you need or want to wear a bra, find one that is fitting. Be careful especially about the underwires and side panels, because if the fit is not just right, the underwire can poke into the breast tissue, and the side panels can create extra pressure and tightness. Consider getting fitted right with a professional fitter. Also give your breasts some "free time". Take your bra off whenever you can such as at home. At the very least do not wear it to sleep.

Band size measurement

Top bust measurement

I would also like to share with readers on how to get the right fit in 3 simple steps:

1. When putting on a bra, bend forward slightly to allow your breasts to fall naturally into the bra cups before fastening the bra hook. 

2. Adjust the shoulder straps to ensure that it is comfortable. Run your thumb under the straps to check if the straps are neither too loose or too tight. 

3. Bend forward again. Placing one hand into the bra cup and use a sweeping motion to lift your breasts up into the cups to ensure the whole breast is fitted into the whole bra cup. For a desired push-up effect, choose bras that are padded or insert extra paddings into bras that comes with pockets. 

Thank you Pierre Cardin for having me! (: 

For more information about their latest collections, do visit Pierre Cardin Lingerie Malaysia:

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