[Part 1] Behind-The-Scenes Tour by Resort World Genting ❤

It was a long weekend and I had decided to go to Genting Highlands with a bunch of bloggers to enjoy the cool breeze of Genting Highlands. It's been many years since I have been to Genting and finally I got to go up again! 

As usual, while waiting for the rest, I took a selfie with my Zalora sunnies! :P
We gathered at One Utama bus terminal and went there by bus arranged by Resort World Genting. Here's a little secret to share with my readers. I always afraid to take bus and the last time I took bus was 4 years ago. This is because I have motion sickness especially when I sit on the bus. *shhhhhh*

Anyway back to the topic, I got down from the bus as soon as we reached the area and was given a warm welcome from Wei En and the team. We were given a short introduction on what we were expecting throughout this short trip. 

The agenda started off with Behind-The-Scenes tour whereby we got to take a sneak peek into Resort World Genting's daily operations and learn more about the resort. We had the opportunity to explore a side of the resort that only a few have ever seen. 

We started off by touring around the Genting International Showroom. This is the place where our technical experts took us through the management of back stage, lighting and sound control involved during a show or event. This also served as an eye opener visit to bloggers who are looking forward to learn something hands-on. 

Next up, we visited the First World's Hotel laundry which is the largest hotel laundry in Malaysia. I was amazed when I looked at the laundry as  it covers an area of 26,000 square feet and produces up to 30 tons of linens per day! *jaw drop*

First step is to collect the soiled linen. Next is to strip beds, towels from bathrooms and table linen from restaurant. After that, place the linen in the soiled linen cart for transportation to the laundry. Linen then must be sorted out  prior to process to enhance the efficiency of the cleaning process. 

Weighing and loading washer is the next step whereby an appropriate amount of soiled linen will be loaded into the washer. Do take note that overloading can cause poor wash quality and increased rejects. It can also cause fabric to damage and excessive utility consumption. Remember to wash hands and wear clean rubber gloves prior to unloading clean laundry. 

Look at the giant iron feeder! 
Finally you can unload the clean linen into Clean Linen Cart and load dryers to appropriate load weight and process time. Items which are dried for too long can be damaged or discoloured. The idea drying temperature is 65 degree Celsius for 35 minute and cool down time of 10 mins. Remember to clean the filters regularly. Clean linen then has to be stored in clean linen facility or placed in mobile cart for redistribution to the end users. Storage room should be dry all the time. 

They also provide services for the guests which guests can have their clothes washed, folded and wrapped in a bag as if you just bought new set of clothes. We got to experience  and witness on how to operate the iron feeder and learn to fold a shirt like a professional. 

After all the walking, we finally get to eat!! LOL! We got to explore 'See, Do and Eat Workshop' in this tour. In this workshop, we got to make our delicious bento with their chefs and also create  doughnut masterpiece with different toppings and fillings. 

There were chocolate and blueberry fillings other than strawberries, grapes and some chocolate toppings for us to create our own doughnut. (:

Here's a photo of myself with my doughnut masterpiece. (:
I had a chance to make my own bento too. The sushi was made with teddy bear mould and you can actually see a teddy bear shape on my sushi. Isn't that lovely? Since I had not much time left for the workshop, I made a simple bento and decorate my bento with mayonnaise, crabsticks, chicken slice and some lettuce. 

Last but not least the tour took us to the exclusive Horizon 50. Horizon 50 is the latest edition at Resorts World Genting. Its venue, a journey through time spans over 16,000 sq feet, showcasing a glimpse of the past and current as well as great emphasis of what's to come at the Resort. 

The idea of Horizon 50 was conceptualized in line with Genting's Integrated Tourism Plan where the Resort wanted to have a one-stop venue to share its history, its amazing scale of current operations and its construction of the many new and future projects with its visitors. 

The venue besides being informative also offers an ambience that creates a feel of modern futuristic atmosphere complemented by the surroundings of state-of-the-art technology, portraying the group's global expansion and interest in technology.

The price of the Behind-The-Scenes tour is priced at RM28 per pax and RM25 for Genting Rewards Member. You may view the available tour dates at www.rwgenting.com/themepark/attraction/behind-the-scenes/introduction/.

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