[Tips] Must-Have Basic Make Up Products ❤

Most of the women can never be separated from makeup as it helps to boost up the confidence level and stay pretty any time you want. Since there are many brands available in the market, I am pretty sure that every woman has their preferred brand which they will stay loyal to.

However, every woman will never miss out owning the basic makeup items in their own makeup bags. If you wish to know what are the basic make up must-haves that every beauty lovers own, check them out below: 

1. Concealer 
It's important to have concealer before applying any foundation as it is used to cover up blemishes and imperfections on the face. This will help to create a flawless look.

2. Foundation 
It is very important as it helps your makeup to stay in place for long hours. Of course you do not want to redo your makeup every hour since it will take so much of your time. Always apply foundation before anything else. For me, I choose to apply BB Cushion which creates a flawless and natural looking effect on the skin. Remember to choose the right shade for your skin tone as you do not want to look too dark or too fair with the foundation. 

3. Lip Balm 
Lip balm are the must-have item even for women who hardly play with makeup as it can enhance your look by making your lips more plump and hydrated. You can always opt for tinted lip balm for those who does not like to apply lipsticks. 

4. Lipstick
You can opt for neutral nudes for a natural look or appear little feminine with a pinkish lipstick shade when you are at work. If you want to appear bold and fierce, red lipsticks will always do the trick. 

4. Foundation Powder 
This foundation powder is used to set your makeup to make your skin looking matte all day long. For those who have oily skin, this foundation powder will be an essential step in your makeup routine to ensure that T-zone area does not look oily the whole day. Try to pat some powder on areas which are oily especially T-zone. 

4. Eyeliner
Ladies who have smaller eyes will find eyeliner a handy makeup item as it helps to create a wider eye look. There are many eyeliner styles that you can attempt such was the natural simple tint, the cat eye look or a smokey dramatic appeal. Eyeliner will definitely enhance your eyes and it's definitely one of the basic makeup item to apply before stepping out of the house. 

So here are some of the must-have items in my makeup routine and I hope that it does help you girls out there with these simple tips. Thank you for reading this! I'll try to come out with new post soon. 

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