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It was my pleasure to be invited by Muse by Watsons to attend Muse Beauty Talk with Rani Birring, the founder of bollywood PROFESSIONAL. I am honoured to meet Miss Rani Birring for the second time. The first time I saw her was at Bollywood Professional launch which was held last year. You may check out the link here: if you want to read about the launch. 

With Bollywood films being so popular all over the world nowadays, and the Bollywood film stars looking so desirable, it is no surprise that women want a piece of all that glitz, glamour and beauty. bollywood PROFESSIONAL is the number one cosmetics brand used by top Bollywood superstars and makeup artists. 

It is made in New York by a team of professionals who are based in New York GML Laboratory. The team ensures all bollywood PROFESSIONAL cosmetics are the most innovative, superior and comes with the finest formulas, dynamic colours and effects. 

These cosmetics are loaded with nourishing vitamins and nutrients to make sure they are not harsh to the skin. With the latest technology, bollywood PROFESSIONAL has a full range of skin care and color cosmetics that are tested in high definition studios for the perfect outcome. Aside from that, bollywood PROFESSIONAL is made with every skin type, tone and age range in mind, giving a young and vibrant look. 

As usual, I was there an hour earlier because it's always hard to find parking in Sunway Pyramid. I was greeted by Miss Amanda, the brand manager of Muse by Watsons and the founder of bollywood PROFESSIONAL, Miss Rani Birring. One of the activities of the day was complimentary flash makeup by the makeup artists. Miss Amanda ushered me to the makeup station to do my makeover since no one was there yet.

Since I have some light makeup on my face, Miss Irene, the makeup artist, helped me to touch up some foundation on my face. She was using the bollywood PROFESSIONAL Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation to touch up my face. This foundation is great for all skin types, particularly skin with large pores or an oily T-zone.

While Miss Irene was busy applying foundation on my face, Miss Rani briefly explained the products that the makeup artist was about to use. 

The foundation glides smoothly on my face and sets to a soft powder finish. Other than that, it makes my skin looking flawless. Best of all, the foundation does not make my face looked oily. When I touched my skin, I can't feel that there's too much foundation applied on the face. Everything on my face was light texture and easy to be applied on.

Looking flawless with the foundation from bollywood PROFESSIONAL. 
They have a few stations for face makeover from complexion station to eyeshadow station and lip station. Meanwhile, Miss Irene helped me with the makeover from eyebrow application to lip station except for eyeshadow application.

After that, I moved on to the next station for the eye makeup. Seriously speaking, I don't like to put any dramatic makeup especially on the eyes It's hard to apply when you require certain skills to apply and blend well. Normally I will go for my brown / black colour eyeshadow whenever I attend the events.

Since it's about makeover, I decided to give a try. The makeup artist helped me with the eyeshadow part and to my surprise, I looked different in these vibrant colours.

I can actually see the difference especially the eyes area. bollywood Profesional's colour-rich, creamy eyeliners shape and define the eyes with precision. You may see the 'Before' and 'After' photo below. I tried blue colour eyeshadow this time.

The celebrities later came and the event started by a short presentation by Miss Rani Birring. She explained to us each of the products sold in the market and what are the ingredients used in each of the products. This brand is an exciting cosmetics brand, also carrying skincare and fragrance. Miss Rani began by supplying renowned makeup artists on the film sets of Bollywood, and built a strong online business, featured on UK’s ITV shopping channel.

Other than that, she also introduced to us her newly launched skincare which is targeted to approach customers who have dry skins and dull skin tone. She launched two skincare range which are Hydration and Brightening

Vitamin C range
Most of you should know that Vitamin C firms, protects and enhances radiance while boosting up the collagen. Their Vitamin C serum contains super concentrated 10% Vitamin C treatment which brightens up the complexion. Meanwhile Hydration range helps to provide hydration / moisture to the skin keeping skin soft and smooth. 

Miss Rani Birring introduced their new fragrance - For The Star In You. This fragrance is expressive, individual and modern, filled with flashes of pure brilliance. It contains pure perfume of essential oils with luminous notes of cherry and mandarin, warmed with the depth and mystery of woods and spices. The scent on the hand is quite relaxing and refreshing to my liking. 

For The Star In You fragrance 
We also got the opportunity to try out the new Luxury Lipstick which is the latest addition to the family. Luxury Lipstick provides moisture and at the same time gives beautiful colour to the lips making the lips fuller and more sexy. 

There were a lot of celebrities attended the event that day to name a few, Miss Vanessa Chong, Pamela Chong, Serena C, Atilia Haron and so on. They too had their makeover too. All of them are looking so gorgeous on that day.

There was a mini contest for all the guests whereby we had to take selfie with Miss Rani Birring. The most creative we-fie will walk away with RM300 worth of bollywood PRO products. 

Here's my entry for the contest. (:
Of course we would not leave the place without taking photos with the rest. *winkz* You may check out the photos taken below with the bloggers, Miss Irene and Miss Rani Birring. 

I also took this opportunity to take a photo with Miss Vanessa. I always love seeing her hosting events and the last time I saw her was 1 Utama Christmas Media Launch back in year 2014. Lucky thing that she still remembers me. Happy to see you again! :D 

With Miss Vanessa and Esther. (:
Last but not least, we had a group photo session before the event ended. Thank you Muse by Watsons and bollywood PROFESSIONAL for giving me the opportunity to try out the bollywood PROFESSIONAL's cosmetics range! *winkz*

A group photo with Miss Rani and Miss Amanda (: 

bollywood PROFESSIONAL is available at Muse by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid and now they have a standalone outlet at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. For more information, you can check it out at 

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