[Part 2] An Ultimate Way to Slim Down - BTL Vanquish™ ❤

Remember if I blogged about BTL Vanquish™in the previous post? Today I am going to talk more about the 1st actual treatment that I went through. Not sure if you remembered that I mentioned in my 1st blog post that I went for the trial session and the treatment was great.

Before we started off with the treatment, Dr would normally take your measurement of your waistline to see the 'Before' and 'After' results.

Vanquish is a breakthrough in the aesthetics industry, the first and the only non-contact device for the reduction of abdomen and love handles. Unlike other machines, it does not simply reduce or remove fat from a body part. It rather eradicates its potential  for growth for a prolonged period of time that, given the proper maintenance efforts, the changes can be considered permanent.

A panel that hovers above my stomach heats the skin to 101°C  and the underlying fat to 120 for 30 - 45 minutes.

Since tummy has always been my concern, I tried Vanquish treatment on my tummy. For the first session, the treatment was ok apart from the redness on the tummy. However, each time after one session, I noticed a significant reduction on my waist. 

However, after the first session, which is a day after, I started to feel the lump on the certain part of the tummy which has slight bruises on the skin. It was one of the normal effects hat we would face for those who are undergoing Vanquish treatment. This is because certain fats on the skin are quite thick in terms of fat layers which causes some fats to harden for a few days before they decide to dissolve off little by little. I can feel slight painful on the hips area because that's where my fats lie the most around my hips area and tummy as well. 

On the lighter note, I do not feel much on the tummy as the focus on the first few Vanquish treatments was targeted on the side of my tummy or hips area. During the treatment, I was sweating a lot even though I did my treatment at the air-conditioned room as the heat from the device is high enough to make my body sweating. :D

Each time before my treatment, it is advisable to drink plenty of water before and after to help with the elimination of the dead fat cells in the body. Once the fat cells have been killed, they are filtered through the lymphatic system, metabolized in the liver and then excreted through urine.

Vanquish's tuning helps to ensure the releasing of accurate energy level to burn fat.

I like the fact that this treatment does require NO downtime and you can return to your normal routine right after the treatment. While I was experiencing mild redness and warmth after the treatment, these side effects only last for few minutes to hours and have no effects to my daily life. In fact, it is good to have workout immediately after the treatment to ensure the faster burning process of the fat cells.

Stay tuned to my 2nd and 3rd treatment in the next blog post. For more information on the Vanquish™ treatments, do check out BTL Aesthetics Malaysia website: http://www.btlaesthetics.com or Alainn Clinic website: http://alainnclinic.com.

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