[Part 4] An Ultimate Way to Slim Down - BTL Vanquish™ ❤

Today I am going to blog about my 4th treatment of BTL Vanquish with Alainn Clinic. Most of the people in Alainn Clinic already know me whenever I step into the clinic. I love how friendly the staffs here and I am comfortable with them. 

As usual, I drank a glass of water before the treatment and changed my bottom. Measurements would be taken before the treatment starts as to ensure that the treatment works well on my body.

4th Treatment
After my 3rd treatment, the nurse took my measurements and there's a reduction in the waistline. My waist has been reduced by 1 cm (not a bad results after the 3rd treatment).

During the 4th treatment, the nurse started to hover the panel closer to my abdomen and tummy area. I felt slightly painful on the side of my body and hips when the panel was getting closer to it. The tuning of the device had to be reduced to lower the heat transferred to my body. I feel not much pain on the tummy and abdomen area. Probably this could be due to more fats underlying on these areas.

Even after the treatment, immediate results were seen on my waistline. The waistline had been reduced to another 1 cm again. I jumped with joy. *wide grin* This could be the happiest moment ever as I finally lose 2 cm in just two weeks! :D

5th Treatment
After my 4th treatment, the nurse took my measurements again and sorry to say that there's no reduction in the waistline. When she took the data from the weighing machine, my weight seems to increase a little by 0.6 kg. My tummy was slightly bloated than before which I am quite sad about it. 

By right I am not supposed to have increment in weight. Probably this is could be due to food intake I had or water retention in my body a week before the 5th treatment. Dr reminded me to look after my food intake since it could be the reasons why my weight has increased. 

The treatment was ok overall and I felt my body became tighter and firmer. On the other side, the upper waist and hips have been reduced to 0.5 cm and 1 cm respectively from the previous measurement which I am quite satisfied. The waistline still remained the same. Dr told me that the following week would be my last session of BTL Vanquish™in Alainn Clinic. I gotta workout more often and look after my food intake to see the best results and benefits I would get from BTL Vanquish™! :D 

So, stay tuned to my last treatment and the progress of the treatment after 3 weeks in the next blog post. For more information on the Vanquish™ treatments, do check out BTL Aesthetics Malaysia website: http://www.btlaesthetics.com or Alainn Clinic website: http://alainnclinic.com.

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