[Part 3] An Ultimate Way to Slim Down - BTL Vanquish™ ❤

Hey readers! Today I am going to share my 2nd and 3rd session of BTL Vanquish™ with Alainn Clinic. Previously I shared about my 1st session and the results were great. You may check out the link here: http://janiceyeap.blogspot.my/2015/11/an-ultimate-way-to-slim-down-btl-vanquish-part-2.html. 

After my 1st treatment, I did not notice any changes on the tummy / abdomen yet except that I feel that my love handles were getting tighter since the panel was targeted at the side of the body and hips. 
I had my 2nd treatment a week after the 1st treatment for 45 minutes. On the 2nd treatment, the panel has been adjusted closer to my abdomen area and bulging tummy to get rid of the fat cells faster. As for the 3rd treatment, the panel is placed closer on the bulging tummy to burn more stubborn fat cells.

Some redness on the tummy area.
Side view of my abdomen area.
As usual, I sweat a lot along the process of the treatment and I always ask the nurse to lower down the temperature of the air conditioner for me while the treatment is going on. At the same time, I enjoy the process as the heat transferring to the areas that I have targeted on. Sometimes it can be quite painful as if there is something poking on my body and it's tolerable. To the certain patients who are not able to tolerate, do ensure to notify the nurse during the process so that they are able to adjust the tuning.

Vanquish's tuning helps to ensure the releasing of accurate energy level to burn fat. As you can see that most of the session I undergone, the tuning was set to 180 W or 190 W. If it's too low, I could not feel the heat burning on my fats. :P 

Most people can't tolerate more than 43°Cof heat at the skin level, and if you need to be at 45°C to 46°C to induce apoptosis then you need to figure out a way to have that happen without harming the patient. This is what the Vanquish's RF field does perfectly. It allows you to keep the skin at 41°C  to 43°C while deep into the fat, you are at apoptotic temperatures of 45°C to 46°C.

Results may vary from patient to patient depending on many factors. I am happy after the 2nd treatment,and 3rd treatment, the usual pants I am wearing are getting loose. I started going for Body Combat and yoga classes and I can see an improvement on my waistline. I still can't have the usual model's hot body but I am satisfied with it as I can see that the bulging tummy is slightly reducing after a week of treatment.

I like the fact that it's easy for me to head on to my normal routine as usual. I can do whatever I want right after the treatment and best of all, this requires NO needles or anaesthesia required. I can also choose to have the treatments in between my working hour or during lunch hour as it can be performed in less than an hour. The Vanquish is good and painless. With other devices, sometimes treatment hurts, sometimes it doesn't but the Vanquish doesn't hurt at all. *wide grin*

Anyway, do stay tuned to my 4th treatment in the next blog post. For more information on the Vanquish™ treatments, do check out BTL Aesthetics Malaysia website: http://www.btlaesthetics.com or Alainn Clinic website: http://alainnclinic.com.

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