[Beauty Review] Mentholatum Sugar Lip Lipbalm ❤

Recently I have obsession towards tinted lip balms and lipsticks. A month ago, I was introduced to this new coloured lip balms from Mentholatum which caught my attention. Introducing the new Sugar Lip Lipbalm which invites you to fall in love with sugar pink lips.

Sugar Lip Lipbalm in 01 Vintage Pink and 03 Kissy Pink
Most of my friends know that I would try any lip balms as long as it would save my chapped lips. I was more than happy to try out this Sugar Lip Lipbalm since I was attracted to their Brown Sugar formula. By far this would be my first lip balm made from brown sugar and I am so excited for it! *wide grin*

This unique Brown Sugar Recipe works to nourish and smoothen your lips. Brown sugar is a natural humectant that seals in moisture and keeps lips feeling hydrated. Its Crystal Brown Sugar formulation instantly melts on your lips to ensure your lips remain moisturized for soft, supple and youthful looking lips.

I swatched both shades on my wrist and the colours looked pretty sweet and nice with just one swipe. I like how the shades help to achieve the rosy pink lips. *wide grin*

01 Vintage Pink
Pink lips are an attractive facial feature which enhances natural beauty and warms up one's facial complexion. A natural pink that you can wear anytime of the day, it is the perfect lip enhancer for days you wish for soft, pink lips. 

03 Kissy Pink
Apart from a new brown sugar formulation, Sugar Lip Lipbalm is also enriched with effective moisturising ingredients such as Super Hyaluronic Acid, Ceraminde and MaxiLip™ to provide long-lasting moisture and ensuring soft and supple lips all through the day. Just one glide is all you need for a youthful and supple look. 

I can see the immediate softness and suppleness on my lips after one swipe. I noticed that the fine lips on my lips are reduced too.

The all-new Sugar Lip Lipbalm is available in 4 soft shades of pink to bring out your natural beauty with that perfect hint of lip colour. They are 01 Vintage Pink, 02 Dancing Pink, 03 Kissy Pink and 04 Rock n Pink.

It is now available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarkets at RM15.80 (3g) each

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