[Beauty Review] Eversoft Skinz Youth Recall Booster Mist ❤

To have flawless, porcelain-like skin as the Japanese do, the traditional 5-step skincare ritual that the Japanese practiced is the secret to it.  

Adding onto the Eversoft Skinz Youth Recall (Anti-Aging) range is the Eversoft Skinz Youth Recall Booster Mist. This Booster Mist is the 4th step in the 5-step skincare ritual, which functions to repair our skin. The 3 key benefits of this mist are:
  • Moisture surge 
  • Firming and Lifting 
  • Anti-Yellowing
Eversoft Skinz Youth Recall Booster Mist 
So, what makes the booster mist? This mist is infused with low alkaline Japanese hot spring water extracted from Yubara, Okayama, Japan. The active Japanese ingredients used are hyaluronic acid, phyto-collagen (Wakame Seaweed derivatives) and ume extract (also known as Japanese apricot). Also, it is lightly-scented which is very pleasant to our nose and most importantly, it is alcohol-free!

Love the scent! :D
This Youth Recall Booster Mist boosts the hydration level in our skin and keeps your skin supple plus ready for maximum absorption of the subsequent skincare essence. 

The pump is specially designed for even distribution of the mist on the skin for instant moisture, softness and protection. I love how the fine particles landed on the skin, so gentle and refreshing, accompanied by the pleasant scent.

This is my sister by the way (:
I even asked my sister to try it out and she loves it as it helps to increase her moisture level on her skin. She used it to spray not only her face but some part of her body as she always face some dryness on her skin. 

There are several ways to use the Youth Recall Booster Mist:
  • As a hydration booster for the skin
  • Creates supple skin and prepare for maximum absorption of skincare essence 
  • Helps to set make-up 
  • Refreshes your skin at any time of the day, typically on hot, sunny days 
  • Blends make-up by spraying mist to the sponge and apply the foundation wet 
  • Dilutes cream based make-up to reduce the viscosity 
  • Make-up refresher 
  • Achieves baby/dewy texture with make-up as the mist saturates the skin without dampening the make-up 
  • Remove powdery and cakey make-up finish 
  • As a brush cleaner by spraying the mist directly onto the brush and wipe the residues

Personally, I find the mist to be very refreshing and it helps to boost the moisture content on my skin. My skin tends to be very dry after my normal facial wash routine with toner and moisturizer especially in the air-conditioned room but with the mist, it is not a problem anymore! The product comes in the size of 75ml which is not too heavy to carry it around. I have this with me all the time in my handbag now. *wide grin*

The retail price of the multifunctional Eversoft Skinz Youth Recall Booster Mist is RM 39.90. It is available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and beauty stores.

Want to know more about the product? Head on to their website at http://www.eversoftskinz.jp or check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EversoftSkinz.

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