Physiogel® Calming Relief ❤

To those who has sensitive skin, fret no more! The new Physiogel® Calming Relief face care range is finally here to empower women to overcome their sensitive skin! 

This range targets the skin hydration, facial redness as well as dry, sensitive and irritated skin which is a common occurrence for the Malaysian women in this hot and dry weather. In such weather, it shocks no one that half of the ladies here, including the rest in South East Asia, experience delicate skin, with one in three ladies referring to facial redness as the primary driver for concern. And this includes me as well. =/
I am fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try out this new Physiogel® Calming Relief. Ever since I got back from Spartan Race 2016 which was held last month, my skin has not been recovering well especially the nose area. Skin is still recovering from the redness and dryness which was caused by the sunburnt.

Physiogel® Calming Relief Gentle Cream Cleanser (RSP: RM49 / 200 ml)
Introducing the products in this Physiogel® Calming Relief range. Let me start off with this  Physiogel® Calming Relief Gentle Cream Cleanser. This creamy yet gentle cleanser is designed for dry, sensitive and redness-prone facial skin. It leaves the skin feeling instantly soothed after washing. 

Following are the benefits of the cleanser:
  • Leaves skin feeling comforted and soothed immediately.
  • Effectively cleanses the skin without stripping off the natural moisture barrier.
  • Ability to remove make-up, dirt and impurities.
  • Skin feeling clean and soft after cleansing. 
Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Cream (RSP: RM69 / 40 ml)
Next product would be Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Cream. It targets to hydrate, repair and calm the skin. It is also known for its light and fast absorbing feature which is exclusively formulated for dry, sensitive and redness-prone skin. The benefits are summarised as below:
  • Lessen facial redness and rejuvenate comfort for more soothed, even-toned skin.
  • Noticeably minimise dry skin and redness. (Study proves that 93% of the women agreed that there is a noticeable redness reduction after 2 weeks.)
  • Quick absorbing formulation to provide instant and prolonged relief from dryness. 
  • Clinically proven to revitalise the natural moisture barrier of the skin.
Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Cream Rich (RSP: RM69 / 40ml) 
Last but not least is Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Cream Rich which is specially formulated for VERY dry, sensitive and redness-prone skin. It is a rich and nourishing daily moisturising cream. The merits of this face cream are as shown below:
  • Minimize facial redness and revitalise comfort for more soothed, even toned skin.
  • Reduces distinct dry skin and redness. (Study shows 91% of the women observed reduced redness in 2 weeks).
  • Gives instant and prolonged intensive hydration for very dry, tight skin.
  • Clinically proven to reinvigorate the skin's natural moisture barrier. 

Let see how it works on my skin after 14 days. I can't wait to try them out and show you guys the results after 14 days. Remember to stay tuned to my next blog post on my 14-day journey with Physiogel® Calming Relief products. 

Physiogel® is a leading dermatological brand that champions skin health, produced by GSK Consumer Healthcare with a mission to help people do more, feel better, live longer. For more information, please visit

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