The Launch of Murad White Brilliance® ❤

Murad, the skincare brand synonymous with high-performance, science-based products launched White Brilliance®, a brand new collection of formulas developed to illuminate the skin while evening tone to promote a delicate, porcelain-smooth appearance a month ago. White Brilliance® is designed to designed to increase skin luminosity by harnessing the power of porcelain flower extract.

Murad White Brilliance®
The launch took place at LOGO Fashion Lounge, Evolve Concept Mall. It was my first time to the lounge and it is Malaysia's 1st Fashion Lounge with over 500 international designer brands at discounted prices. Go and check out that place alright? It's pretty unique to held such event at this place as the place is amazing. They even have a restaurant inside the lounge as well.

Utilizing advanced technologies and ingredients, including precious Porcelain Flower Extract, While Brilliance is made up of 4 products: Cleansing Cream, Luminous Essence, Porcelain Serum and Luminous Shield SPF 50 | PA++++

In study evaluating the performance of the White Brilliance collection, 98% of Asian women agreed their skin looked luminous*, 95% of Asian women agreed their skin was smooth and soft*, 89% of Asian women agreed their skin is clearer and fairer* after using the regimen.

Each product in the White Brilliance collection is infused with precious Porcelain Flower Extract, a delicate, iridescent blossom native to Asia known for its high content of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. 

With a rich source of phytonutrients, like anti-inflammatory phytosterols, terpenes, flavonoid antioxidants and Essential Fatty Acids, Porcelain Flower Extract is packed with moisturizing, reparative and purifying benefits. With long history of use in traditional eastern medicine, Porcelain Flower has been used to restore clarity and tone to the skin for an illuminated and translucent complexion.

Miss Chion Wong, the Education Manager of Murad Malaysia explained about White Brilliance®.
Designed for normal to dry skin but safe for sensitive skin, the White Brilliance collection is also dermatologist developed, scientifically advanced and features potent ingredients that enchance skin' translucence for a luminous and glowing complexion.

Step 1: Murad White Brilliance Cleansing Cream
Cleansing Cream is a rich, gently foaming cleanser that purifies and restores skin, utilizing a nourishing blend of Omega-6 Essential Lipids and Jojoba-derived Esters to enhance moisture retention, imparting skin with a silky, smooth texture.

Step 2: White Brilliance® Luminous Essence 
Luminous Essence is a quick-absorbing, light weight formula featuring an extract of electrolyte-rich Kunai Root to deliver essential hydration deep into the skin. Red Algae and Indian Fig Extracts gently exfoliate, restoring youthful texture and luminosity and priming the skin for optimized penetration of subsequent treatment products.

Step 3: Murad White Brilliance® Porcelain Serum
Porcelain Serum is a powerful, high-potency serum that enchances skin's translucence, formulated with four brightening technologies that leave the skin with a luminous glow. This has to be one of my favourite serum by far. 

Porcelain Flow Extract even and illuminates skin tone, Green Tea Extract help promote skin's brightness and firmness, and Hexylresorcinol and Hexapeptide-2 work together to deliver a visibly radiant and translucent complexion.

Step 4: Murad White Brilliance® Luminous Shield SPF 50 | PA++++
Luminous Shield SPF 50 | PA++++ is an ultra-lightweight UV lotion that protects skin's rosy glow utilizing antioxidant-rich Grape Seed Extract to neutralize environmental aggressors and preserve skin's brightness while light-diffusing microspheres fill in lines and wrinkles, making them to appear less visible upon application. 

Skin is also visibly fairer after one usage of the 3 products above and best of all, I can see some glow on the skin especially after applying the Luminous Shield SPF 50 | SPF PA++++. *winkz*

Cleansing Cream (RM228, 135ml), Luminous Essence (RM368, 50ml), Porcelain Serum (RM538, 30ml) and Luminous Shield SPF50 | PA++++ (RM398, 50ml) are available now at, Murad Exclusive Stores namely Murad 1 Utama, Damansara Uptown, Empire Shopping Gallery and Da Men. Don't forget to stay tuned to my review on the Porcelain Serum! *winkz*

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