[Beauty Review] G9 Skin White In Whipping Cream ❤

Ever since I got back from Korea, my love for Korean beauty has increased day by day. I love using Korean products before my trip to Korea trip this year and it's just that I am getting in love with them day by day. 

Recently I came across this G9 Skin brand and I have been hearing about this brand a lot but just that I didn't have the chance to try them out because I have loads of products to try. But thanks G9 Skin Malaysia I have the opportunity to try the G9 Skin White In Whipping Cream. 

G9 Skin White In Whipping Cream
This White in Whipping Cream is an instant tone-up cream which provides instant brightening in a moisture rich formula to create smooth and photoshopped-looking skin. Honestly speaking I am not a fan of tone-up cream since my skin tone is on the fair side. 

A few brands have this whitening cream but I have not tried any so far. I am worried if I put this, my skin tone will look rather weird with few different skin tones on hands, neck and face. So which is why I seldom try out the whitening cream. 

It comes with whitening and moisturising ingredients for better efficacy. That's not all, it also comes with anti-wrinkle properties for those who wants to look after their ageing skin as well.

I applied the cream on the back of my hands. It was hard to smoothen it out in first place but after a few tries it absorbs into the skin immediately. I noticed a difference in on my hands instantly. 

This cream has soft whipping texture which looks like the usual whipped cream from cakes. This time I applied on my face. Put a small amount of the cream and even out the cream on the face. 

Overall, it was easy to absorb into skin. Skin does not feel sticky after applying and in fact I feel it's quite hydrating to my skin. It did not help much in my skin tone but I do see a slight difference in it. I do feel the skin is softer after using the product. 

I can choose to use day to even out the skin tone or as a make up base and night as a whitening and  moisturising skin care. 

Overall, I am satisfied with the product. The soft whipping texture does help to hydrate the skin leaving the skin moisturized and I can see a slight difference in my skin tone which is a plus point for me. It's my first time using a tone-up cream and I think it does a pretty good job to my skin. For a tone-up cream, I like the fact that it does not make my skin turns to a few shades fairer which makes me look like a ghost. 

For more information on G9 Skin products, do check out their website here @ www.g9skin.com or Facebook @ www.facebook.com/G9SkinMY

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