The Butterfly Project Soiree @ Posh! Nail Spa TTDI ❤

It was a well Saturday afternoon spent in Posh! Nail Spa, TTDI with a bunch of butterflies indulging in delicious desserts by La Rose Noire while sipping on fine Tenement Ca'Biance's Moscato wine from Wine Talk.

I have been to Posh! Nail Spa, TTDI many many years ago and to my surprise, the whole interior has changed into different environment which now brings manicure and pedicure services to another level.

Founder of Posh! Nail Spa, Miss Sereen Eng started the nail care business from humble beginnings with one staff and a room size saloon with only two chairs. To date, they have grown to 4 outlets across the Klang Valley over the past 5 years. 

I could also remembered that Posh! recently presented a one-of-a-kind and the very First Nail Art Fashion Show in Malaysia, in celebration of their 5 years which was also recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records! Congrats Posh! Their services also include organising pampering parties which can help to express your individuality and celebrate the beauty in you.

The revamped Posh! Nail Spa comes with white walls and marble counter top which gives you the stylish luxurious feel as if you are at a 5-star hotel for manicure and pedicure session. I was amazed with the whole new look since the backdrop itself is so pretty and I could not stop admiring it. 

You will also find a wall which displays arrays of colours of nail polishes to suit your current day look or for dinner look. Most of their manicurists have awards too as I have seen a few awards were displayed on the glass cabinet. 

The newly refurbished Posh! Nail Spa has a room for makeup as they do provide makeup and hairstyling services as well. It's so convenient nowadays that you can settle your nails, hairdo and makeup at once in just Posh! Nail Spa. 

There's even glass display and both Choulyin and I walked over to take some funny shots over there. *hehe*

Wine Talk is kind to let us try the wine which is sold in their website during this short gathering.  Imagining yourself enjoying the pedicure and manicure session while sipping on wine, this experience is truly amazing. I had such a wonderful #taitailife session with a bunch of butterflies! This is not something that I can do daily since I am super busy with my work. T.T

Did I tell you that I went for an express manicure since there were so many of us? But Miss Sereen was so kind to include some vouchers for us to come again some other day to try out some other services. Thank you Miss Sereen! The express manicure includes trimming and shaping the nails with   change of nail polish. Since I am now working in healthcare line, I need to be more strict on colours of my nails. 

To check out on other services they have offered, do visit here:

This is beyond amazing! I get to do my nails while sipping on wine. Such a #taitailife! Lol! 

Here's the manicure I have done. I had chosen nude colour with a tint of silver to add some magic to my nails. The colours nevertheless are so pretty and gorgeous! 

Since I was running a little late to the little gathering, I only managed to take some of the photos of the desserts. Everyone should know that I am a huge fan for desserts and upon seeing all these desserts done by La Rose Noire, I could not stop myself from trying. They are just too good! 

Look at how much effort they have decorated the desserts just for this gathering! 
Here are some of the photos taken with my girls on that day. Thank goodness I get to spare some time with them since I have not seen them for awhile. It's good to have such gathering once in a while. Thank you Butterfly Project for organising this! 

With Yumi babe! Love this photo taken from your camera! 
With Choulyin and Yumi! :D 
Thank you for painting my nails beautifully!
Thanks to Butterfly Project and Posh! Nail Spa for the opportunity to pay a visit to the revamped Posh! and not forgetting to Wine Talk and La Rose Noire for making our butterfly soiree a successful day out with your wine and colourful delicious desserts. 

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  1. I am looking for a nail spa! This will be a great place for me to try and it is near my house. Plus it has a very nice deco too. Is there any info regarding tile intallation services for something that looks like the spa in there? Great post and pls keep writing.


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