Are You Ready for 20,000 Pinwheels @ Iringan Bayu, Seremban? ❤

Iringan Bayu is set to launch their show village starting on 27th January. Iringan Bayu will be featuring 20,000 pinwheels which I have mentioned in the previous post. (You may check the previous blog post here: Iringan Bayu Features 20k Pinwheels)

A candid shot at Playground of The Wind, Iringan Bayu 

"Playground of The Wind" will be opened to public on every weekend from 27th January till 25th February 2018 at 10 am till 5 pm (except 16-18th February). Check out some of the photos taken at Iringan Bayu, Seremban. 

Taken with iPhone 7Plus 

I was too fascinated with the views which are surrounded with 20,000 pinwheels. Feels like I am in another part of the world. (= 

These are the highlights for the Playground of The Wind event which features Pavilion Wishes, Passage of Dreams, Forest of Chimes, The Breezy Plaza, Wall of Windspiration, Pinwheels of Purity, Dazzling Displays, Wheel of Fortune, Spinning Spectacular and Pinned Pretties. This event brings you 10 wind-inspired journeys for 4 wonderful weekends. *winkz*

Passage of Dreams

Let me start off with Passage of Dreams. This is inspired by vibrant rainbow colours which the tunnel reminds you to walk towards owning your dream home. 

Pavilion of Wishes

Wishes do come true. Make yours at Pavilion of Wishes and let the wind blow in wishes fulfilled.

Spinning Spectacular 

This has to be one of my favourite spot - Spinning SpectacularThose spinning wheels are so pretty as if it brings those spinning wheels back to life when the wind blows towards them.

Next up would be Wheel of Fortune. 5 gigantic colourful pinwheels to brighten your home which consists of blue, pink, yellow, purple and green. 
  • Blue for harmony 
  • Pink for love 
  • Yellow for wealth 
  • Purple for posterity 
  • Green for health

Wheel of Fortune

There are couple of seats for you to chill out while getting the breezy air. You can move to a home where life is easy breezy.

The Breezy Plaza

Some other highlights include Wall of Windspiration which is a memoir of inspiration symbolising diversity, potential, transformation, wish fulfilment and childhood innocence in a family,  Pinwheels of Purity which you get to spin smoothly in the wheel of life for a bright future and last but not least the Dazzling Displays which allows the wind spin you from a life of illusion to a dazzling reality. Amazing isn't it?  

Meet Qeela, my new friend (=

Check out some of the photos taken using iPhone 7 Plus. I can't stop admiring these colourful pinwheels and I believe that everyone including myself has childhood memories that you can never forget as this reminds you when you were younger. 

This will be definitely a fun-filled WINDY-ful escapade for the family.

Blow baby blow! :P

Check out some of the activities which will be organized on this event as well! You do not want to miss this! 

Grand Launch (27th - 28th January 2018)
  • Sistawork workshop 
  • Wooden block game 
  • Hand artsy 
  • Yummy fluffy (Cotton Candy sculpture)
  • DIY paper pinwheel workshop 
  • Foodie - Food Truck
Hunting Ground (3rd - 4th February 2018) 
  • Bubbly bobble 
  • Dream catcher workshop 
  • DIY paper pinwheel workshop 
  • 3D Artwork Workshop 
  • Foodie - local food store 
Wind Festival (10th - 11th February 2018)
  • Giant Kite 
  • Acoustic / Folk Bands and Solo Performances 
  • Handy Art
  • Buskers performance 
  • Magician Showcase
  • LUCKY DRAW session 
  • Foodie - local food store 
Chinese New Year Highlights on 25th February 
  • Lion dance and firecrackers 
  • Chinese calligraphy 
  • Handmade Chinese clay doll 
  • God of prosperity mascot and angpow giveaways 
  • Angpow packet art and craft 

Spin all you want~~

Here's a short background of Iringan Bayu with 770 acres of refreshing new lifestyles. The first residential phase of the masterpiece, Pastura welcomes you home to a space of awe-inspiring yet luxury. Nestled in the heart of Seremban, Iringan Bayu unfolds a master place of modern living graves by neat design, parklife and future growth. The centre of attraction for this development will be the 22-acre Central Park, crafting an enriching lifestyle concept surrounded by attractive old-town charm.

Pastura is available from RM390k* only (*terms and conditions apply) with guarded neighbourhood, extended interior space and is a freehold development. For more details on this new Iringan Bayu development, visit their website @ or log on to their Facebook page:

Another random shot of myself (= 

Come and witness this 20,000 pinwheels come alive in a fun-filled event for your family and loved ones! Register now to get an exclusive invite to the one of a kind pinwheel @ or contact 06-630 4656 now! You can also check out for more information of the event @

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