[Beauty Review] Kulin Seven Days Later Skincare n' Puresh UV Protector ❤

Holla readers! I am back after a long CNY break. I was terribly sorry for MIA for so long. I was super sick for the past few weeks and I am slightly better now. Today I will be sharing a new skincare range which I was introduced to last month - Kulin Seven Days Later range and Puresh UV Protector which is a Korea-based skincare. 

Kulin Seven Days Later skincare range and Puresh UV Protector

Both Kulin and Puresh products are halal and best of all it's made of natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals. At Kulin, they believe that beauty should be hard work. That in a world filled with endless choices, flawless skin should be an easy one. With this philosophy in mind, they created formulas that work like magic. Packed with natural ingredients that become potent when coming together, they diffuse into the heart of your skin, bringing the inner radiance to the surface.  

Let's move on with reviewing these products from Kulin and Puresh. Let me start off with Kulin Seven Days Later Premium Multi Essence. 

Kulin Seven Days Later Premium Multi Essence - RM260

This essence penetrates the deepest layers of your skin to bring your inner radiance to the surface. The texture is rather creamy and you only need a small amount of essence for the whole face. 

This essence product has special function of natural plant fermented cosmetics through Korea's traditional fermentation method. It is called fermentation detoxification principle that remove toxic from our body system. This gives skin's metabolism and vitality, strengthening of level of immunity, detox function to make resilient and clear skin. This product is free from any harmful chemicals. 

You can choose to spray on the face directly or spray on the palm. Slowly pat the essence on the skin until it is completely absorbed. 

Kulin Waterfull Magic Whitening Essence 

Moving on to the next step would be Waterfull Magic Whitening Essence. This lightweight and non-greasy essence combining powerful natural ingredients to diminish pigmentation, healing skin tissues and unifying the complexion. Skin becomes brighter and more radiant after using for almost 2 weeks. 

Seven Days Later Waterfall Magic Whitening Essence - RM98

This Waterfull Magic Whitening Essence is formulated from the fruits of vitamin tree, hollyhock, aloe vera, snail secretion filtration and a mix of berries rich. These ingredients moisturises dull skin to restore natural radiance, battles inflammation to heal, smoothen and whitens the skin for a luminous glow. This is suitable for all skin type. 

Fish Collagen Powder is mixed with the Whitening Essence to improve elasticity and strengthening nails and hair. Collagen is the most abundant and tenacious protein in the human body that holds the structural integrity of our bodies and responsible for regeneration. 

Fish Collagen Powder - RM78

As age increases, the effect of collagen fibres weakens leading to what we see - brittle nails, dull hair and wrinkled skin. This is where Fish Collagen Powder comes in. Fish collagen is used as it is a sustainable source which has increased adsorption rates given its smaller particle size. 

You can choose to apply directly into the skin or you can opt to mix the product into any of your hair care products. 

Using the dabbing method to apply mixed fish collagen powder and whitening essence for better effect and results. 

You will feel slightly sticky on the face due to the mixture of collagen powder and whitening essence. I don't mind the stickiness felt on the face as it is rather bearable for me.

Brighter and more radiant skin with Kulin Seven Days Later range 

Next is to apply sunscreen on the face as the final step. Puresh UV protector works protect skin from UV rays. Puresh, a compound word for 'pure' and 'fresh' is the best defence for the face. This UV protector works as both moisturiser and sunscreen by joining forces to reawaken dull skin for a flawless canvas. 

Puresh UV Protector - RM118

The formula is rather lightweight and the protector does not leave white cast on the face unlike other UV protector I have. It is also works as an invisible soothing and blurring mask on all skin types and skin tones.

Overall, I am satisfied with the products. The products works wonder on my skin especially the Fish Collagen Powder. My skin feels brighter and more radiant after using for 2 weeks. The UV Protector on the other hand does not leave sticky feeling on my skin too. Best part is that it does not leave white cast on my face unlike some of the sunscreen products I have. 

Other than that, all products are suitable for all skin type and they are HALAL-certified products which are definitely a plus point for beauty junkies who prefer to use halal products in their skincare routine. 

Anyway, I have uploaded a short video on Youtube on Kulin and Puresh products. It's my first video review and hope you can support my video by checking it out. Do leave me a comment and let me know if there's any improvements to be made on the video. Thank you loves! 

For more details on Kulin and Puresh products, do head on to their website @ www.kulin.asia.

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