[Beauty Review] How Do I Battle with Dull Skin Tone? L'Occitane Reine Blanche Cream is Here to Help!

Since I enjoy outdoor activities a lot (I go for jogging and hiking most of the time), I always try to cover myself with long sleeves shirt or long pants to ensure that my skin is not exposed to the sun directly. I even tried to put on sunblock to protect myself from exposing to the sun / UV harmful rays. However, this does not seem to help much on my dull skin tone and pigmentation / dark spots which I got it when I was young, this somehow makes me feel uncomfortable going out with such skin condition. 

My fun run - The Music Run

Random photoshoot taken in the morning around 11am 

As time goes by, skin condition gets better.   People often ask why do I have dark spots on my face which I have tried numerous method / skincare products to minimise the appearance the spot (it did help a little but still it doesn't help to boost up my confidence level especially when I go out without makeup). I will try my best to cover my spots with a lot of concealer or foundation to ensure my skin looks flawless each time I go out.

Practising yoga

Workout at home can also contribute dullness and pigmentation on the skin as well as the uncovered fluorescent lights can contribute to dark spots buildup. Therefore the right skincare could help to get rid of these skin concerns. 

Completed MRCA Charity Run.

Working out in the gym (=

I believe that a good skincare definitely helps to boost up your confidence level. When you have great skin, you do not need any makeup to cover up your flaws which is something that I can never have in my life.

I spend my whole life looking for the right brightening products which does not dry out my skin. Most of the whitening skincare products I have tried so far dried out my skin which made me stopped using them and switched to using only hydration products instead.

L'Occitane Reine Blanche Cream - RM280

When I was given the opportunity to try this product, I was beyond excited. I heard so many good reviews about L'Occitane products and I am excited to try them out. To be honest, I have not tried any L'Occitane products before (except for their hand cream and body shower which smells super good). 

When I first got hold of the product itself, it is a sturdy glass packaging which I have to be careful. The spatula on the other hand is provided to avoid contamination of the product in the tub itself. 

Here's a short background on the Reine Blanche range:

"For centuries, a flair, flawless complexion has been the ultimate symbol of beauty and femininity. The quest to preserve the immaculate radiance of the skin is a key beauty preoccupation. Drawing on its extensive botanical search, L'Occitane has discovered a plant with the power to whiten and spectacularly illuminate the skin. Reine des Prés is a pure white flower illuminating its petals over time. Inspired by its immaculate beauty and unparalleled luminosity, L'Occitane has created the Reine Blanche Illuminating Program for a fair and translucent skin. Day after day, the skin recovers its natural translucency and inner light, glowing with immaculate radiance."

The texture is light and my skin does not feel sticky upon application. The skin feels hydrated and softer immediately after one application.

Enriched with Meadowsweet flower extract from Provence, known for its illuminating properties, the White Infusion Cream offers complete whitening action. I notice with the usage of Reine Blanche Whitening Infusion Cream for a week, I do notice a more hydrated skin with brighter or more radiant skin tone apart from smoothen / refine the skin's texture. Skin feels hydrated and moisturised as if there's a layer of water protecting my skin making my skin feels comfortable for the whole day even with makeup. It also helps to visibly reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone over time. 

I am happy to say that I can finally have flawless complexion! Thank you Reine Blanche Cream! *winkz*

Brighter, hydrated and more radiant skin with Reine Blanche Cream (=

Now that I have found my secret to bright dewy skin, I have the confidence to do what I like. No more dullness in my life and my skin!

No more dullness in my life and my skin with Reine Blanche range! 

For more details on Reine Blanche Cream, do check out their website @ https://my.loccitane.com/reine-blanche-whitening-infusion-cream. You can also purchase their products online as well! (= 

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