[Beauty Review] 14 Days Acne Clear Challenge with Eucerin ProACNE Solution ❤

Holla readers! I am back with another review and this time I took up a 14 Days Acne Clear Challenge with Eucerin ProACNE Solution product. 

14 Days Acne Clear Challenge with Eucerin ProACNE Solution A.I Clearing Treatment

Basically this Eucerin ProACNE A.I Clearing Treatment is the new product targeted for blemish-prone skin. At first I was hesitated to take up this challenge because I do not have blemish-prone skin. My pimple only appears once in a month especially when I am having my menses. 

However, I checked from the website that ProACNE Solution A.I Clearing Treatment also helps to minimise pores which is why I have decided to take up this challenge. I am fortunate that 14 days ago, I had one pimple popped out on my forehead. So I can put this A.I Clearing Treatment to test. 

You will feel a slight tingling sensation upon the application of this A.I Clearing Treatment. This is because it contains 10% hydroxy acid - AHA, BHA and PHA. Besides that it has highly effective combination of peeling agents Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Gluconolactone. 

Results may not seen obvious on my face but definitely I am happy with this product. Surprisingly a few days later, the pimple on my forehead has diminished. 14 days later, I love how it smoothens my skin and leave my skin clear from pimples on every month whenever I have menses. 

Non-edited photo of Before and After

The product helps to control the oiliness of my skin. I noticed that my T-zone is less oilier than before. I also realized when I applied the A.I Clearing Treatment on the inflammatory pimple, it helps to reduce the inflammation and soothe the irritation on the skin. Overall I am satisfied with the results and I can't wait to continue using it as my pimples are slowly popping up due to the recent hot weather. 

For more details on the products, do check out their official website @ https://www.eucerin.my.

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