#InspirasiCinta Lynda Rahim Bridal Show ❤

I had the opportunity to attend Inspirasi Cinta : Lynda Rahim Bridal Show last week organised by Blu Inc. FYI, Inspirasi Cinta is a boutique experience for all your wedding needs. It's an opportunity for you to gain inspiration and knowledge from experts that can help you plan your big day.

With Datin Lynda herself and her masterpiece. 

Inspirasi Cinta was held from 9th April till 22nd April 2018 at Centre Court Pavilion KL. It's the exhibition with everything a bride-to-be needs for her wedding day. You can take a closer look at wedding gowns display worn by celebrities such as Izara Aisha, Datin Nina Ismail Sabri, Fazura, Anzalna Nasir, Scha Alyahya, Siti Saleha and many more. Also, those created by top fashion designers such as Rizalman, Jovian Mandagie, Rizman Ruzaini, COSRY, Syaiful Bahrain and Nurita Harith, among others. 

Here's a short background description of Datin Lynda. Lynda Rahim Kuala Lumpur is a specialist fashion designer in the bridal industry. Datin Lynda Rahim decided to start the company to cater for modern wedding dresses. Before starting the company, all she could find were traditional dresses that lacked sophistication. So she designed her own bridal line as what any reasonable woman with high-powered fashion insiders would do. 

Datin Lynda opened a luxury salon in 2008, showcasing her new bridal collection. But the elegance , detailing and freshness of her line quickly won her kudos from her customers and a wedding dress superstar was born and now she is a household name. 

As for today, Datin is perhaps the best known wedding dress designer in the business. In the tradition of Paris couture, she uses rich fabrics, luxurious details such as hand beading and the best craftsmanship. Datin Lynda’s wedding dresses skirt the fine line of applying modern touches to traditional styles, avoiding both harsh modern looks and syrupy old-fashioned sweetness. As her design business has grown, the range has also grown. 

So which one is your favourite? (=
Today, a bride can find everything from sweet kebayas to unusual Victorian style dresses. She tells brides that they can be sensual, and in fact, this may be where she’s had the most influence on the wedding industry – her wedding dresses celebrate the body which this 2018 collection is all about. 

2018 collection features a well-integrated blend of silhouettes and attires-short dress, long bridal dresses, off shoulder cuts, pantsuits, jumpsuits as well as low necklines and backs. I was truly amazed with the whole collection itself. Check out the 2018 collection of wedding dresses from the bridal show itself below: 

A little bit different from the rest but it's simply gorgeous even with the pants! (=

There's even more. Scroll down below to check out more wedding dresses from her 2018 collection. They are simply elegant and gorgeous! I can't stop admiring these from the collection. 

For more details on future wedding workshops and etc from Inspirasi Cinta, please visit www.inspirasi-cinta.com or you may check out Lynda Rahim's collection on www.lyndarahim.com or Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/lyndarahimkualalumpur.

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