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For those who live in a tropical country just like me, you know it's inevitable to come in contact with the sun.  Since I was young, I was prone to pigmentation even though I took extra effort to minimise  pigmentation by applying sun protection on my skin, the spots still grew.

I used to enjoy outdoor activities but for the past few years I tried to skip as my pigmentation has worsen on my cheeks area even with sun protection on top. A few weeks ago, I was introduced to a new skincare range - NUViT Dermal White Series from Y.S.P Industries which uses 'Spot, Entire and Enhance', 3 simple principles to achieve depigmentation efficacy. Let's see whether the products work well on my skin.

NUViT Dermal White Series 
FYI, NUViT Dermal White series is developed to brighten, improve uneven skin tone and reduce spots. B-trans5™, the unique whitening ingredient contains 3% tranexamic acid, AA-2G, Vitamin B3, Daisy Flower extract and Vitamin E to fully inhibit, desalinate and reverse the formation of melanin and has high antioxidant capacity. These can effectively prevent spots formation too. 

What I am excited about these products? It's because the actives ingredients of Dermal White helps to block and prevent melanin production to reveal skin brightness in 3 days, fade dark spots in 14 days. I can't wait to see the results! (=

NUViT Dermal White comes in 3 products which are Brightening Spot Correcting Serum, Brightening Essence Fluid and Brightening Spot Corrector

Brightening Spot Correcting Serum - RM74.09

The first step is to use Brightening Spot Correcting Serum. This concentrated serum acts as a long acting depigmentation agent which brightens and clarifies skin for increased radiance. It will diminish the number and intensity of deep-set dark spots and skin discolouration over the time. 

It contains 3% Tranexamic Acid, AA-2G, Daisy Flower Extract, Sakura and Tetrapeptide-30 which minimizes the appearance of a broad spectrum of dark spots including post-acne scars for a more even skin tone and deliver more glowing skin. 

Apply on the apples of my cheeks where my dark spots are obvious.
This serum comes in a tube form and has slight watery texture. Be sure not to over squeeze the tube because it can cause massive spillage of the serum. However, the packaging does offer an easier control to ensure the amount of serum used on the skin is evenly distributed. 

The product absorbs rather fast on my skin and does not leave any greasy feeling on my face upon application which I really love. 

Next step is to use Brightening Essence Fluid. Another product which gives an immediate glow to the skin. It is formulated with 3% Tranexamic Acid, AA-2G, Daisy Flower Extract, Shea Butter, Brown Seaweed Extract, Beetroot Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Sage Extract. It provides continuous hydration while visibly diminishing dark spots and discolouration.

Brightening Fluid Essence - RM72.41

Texture on the other hand is light and non-greasy with a refreshing scent. The bottle comes with a pump dispenser which I can easily control the amount dispensed on my face. Normally I will take 2 - 3 pumps and apply all over my face and neck. 

The Brightening Fluid Essence absorbs into skin at once. As it is infused with powerful active ingredients for an immediate glow. It can also restore skin's natural clarity - brightness and smoothen as well! 

Hydration level is increased immediately upon application. I noticed that my skin becomes more plump and moisturised. After a few days, my face has a glowing radiance now.

Brightening Spot Corrector - RM63.49

The final step which is the Enhance step - Brightening Spot Corrector. This correcting cream focuses on existing dark spots or sun spots with an instant effect of visible radiance. Formulated with Encapsulated oxidised zinc and Honey Wax to brightens and illuminates the skin, it also helps to even out the skin tone. 

The texture on the other hand is slightly thicker and more creamy. You will only need to apply a small amount on the spot areas. It's non-greasy even though it's creamy so it does not leave my skin feeling oily at all. Since my concern is the spots on the cheeks, I apply them and massage them to ensure that the cream is fully absorbed onto the skin. 

Skin feels more plump and bouncy after the last step. There's an immediate results on my face after completing the 3 steps. 

Here's the immediate results after using all 3 products from NUViT Dermal White. Skin becomes slightly brighter and more glowing immediately. 

Here's a photo of my skin on Day 2. I began to notice a brighter skin on Day 2 with lesser dark spots on my face. Skin becomes more glowing as well.

Day 2 after using NUViT Dermal White

The results are more obvious on the Day 3, with skin getting more radiant and skin tone seems to even out.  

Day 3 after using NUViT Dermal White. 

Many of my friends actually complemented my skin which I am super happy as the products are working really well on my skin. These products are definitely more effective and safe as the concentrated formulation is made from a combination of science and natural plant extract, alcohol-free and non-allergenic. 

So far, I do not have any allergic reaction to my skin which is a plus point for those who have sensitive skin. Definitely NUViT Dermal White makes skin lighter, brighter, clearer and offers a more even tone. 

Here's the recommended products to use for those who have such skin problems below: 

Skin Problems vs Recommended Products
  • Spot Lightening and Skin Whitening
    • Spots + Dull skin - Brightening Spot Correcting Serum and Brightening Essence Fluid
  • Long-lasting Whitening Effects
    • Dull skin + Dry, Rough, Dark skin - Brightening Essence Fluid and Brightening Spot Corrector
  • Brightening and Glowing
    • Spots + Dry, Rough, Dark skin + Dull skin - Brightening Spot Corrector + Brightening Essence Fluid + Brightening Spot Correcting Serum

For more details on NUViT Dermal White series, do head over to their website: www.nuvit.com.my, Instagram @nuvitmy or Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nuvit.Malaysia

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