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Holla readers! How are you guys doing? Today I will be reviewing this Olecule B5 Moist 30 ml from Olecule MalaysiaFYI, Olecule has 8 years of market experience in overseas and it has good reputation in Hong Kong and Taiwan market. Olecule is all-natural plant extract at molecular level and is highly recommended by dermatologists. 

Olecule is unique because it was developed in U.K. and produced in the USA that formulates to work on every skin layers to protect and restore the functions of skin cells. Unique formulation specifically tackles the premature signs of aging caused by environmental damage to skin, whitening skin from hyper-pigmentation and moisturise the skin. Cherleey Enterprise is a new startup company currently reselling Olecule products where their founders tested and believe into. 

Olecule B5 Moist 30ml - RM159

This Olecule B5 Moist 30 ml contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural compound found in skin that has many important functions, including holding in moisture, provide cushioning, aiding in the repair and help in creating a protective barrier on skin. Olecule has been dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic, non-irritating, allergy-tested and no animal testing.

Olecule B5 Moist contains Multi-Molecular Weight (large and small molecular) of Hyaluronic Acid. The large molecular size of HA strongly attracts 1000 times of water molecule from air to hydrate the skin. Meanwhile, the small molecular size of HA penetrates deeper skin layers to stimulate collagen production and thus diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and pore size. On the other hand, Vitamin B5 helps tissue repair and nutrients replenishment.

The Olecule B5 Moist comes with a dropper which you can control the amount of serum to be applied on the skin. It has slight watery texture and does not feel greasy on my skin upon application. It absorbs immediately into my skin too.

Recently I went for face laser and my current skin condition was quite dry. Luckily this Olecule B5 Moist 30ml came to my rescue on the right time. I used it almost every day and night and it helps to hydrate my skin.

My skin definitely got better after using the Olecule B5 Moist 30 ml. Skin is more hydrated and moist after using it and feels softer over the time. I am almost finishing up the whole bottle of Olecule B5 Moist after using for a month. Definitely it's worth trying out especially for those who have dry skin. It seriously helps to balance up the moisture level of my skin which makes my skin glows after using it for a month.

More hydrated skin (=

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