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Beauty starts from a healthy diet and health supplements. Don't you guys think so? Everyone pays a lot of attention to our personal appearance as we want to look good all the time. That is why many of us have varieties of skin creams, hair care products, cosmetics and make-up to improve our looks. 

It's been my pleasure having to attend the launch of Nature's Bounty in collaboration with Watsons Malaysia last week. I heard so much about Nature's Bounty and I am glad to be part of the launch. As you can see that beauty also starts with good health as inner health is also a reflection of outer looks.

However, young consumers do not understand the importance of proper nutrition that could enhance their inner beauty.  They don't eat proper meals and stay up late nights due to work commitments and leading an active lifestyle.

Nature's Bounty is the premium vitamin and supplement brand with a 40-year reputation for delivering high quality vitamins and supplements to consumers around the world. At Nature's Bounty we are continually researching new ways to bring high quality innovative products to help people stay healthy, active and feeling great.

Nature's Bounty vitamins and supplements are manufactured in the USA with comprehensive testing of ingredients and over 100 quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. By combining the latest breakthroughs in nutritional science with the finest ingredients, they are proud to provide the consumers the supplements of unsurpassed quality and value. 

They even have supplements in dummies form (=

Nature's Bounty believe that what you put on the outside is equally as important as what you put into your body. While your skincare is working on your skin, you may want to enhance the results with possibly the world's best Vitamin C.

Nature's Bounty Ester C 500mg 90s (RM69.90) & 30's (RM27.90)

Nature's Bounty Ester C is a unique patented form of vitamin C that readily absorbs with long lasting effects to ensure what is taken is optimised in your body.

  • It's proprietary formulation ensures prompt delivery and superior bioavailability as compared to regular C.
  • Gentle on the stomach as it is non-acidic (meaning it has a neutral pH)

At the end of the day, it's all about absorption - both inside and out. With Nature's Bounty Ester C, you can now have the best of both worlds in keeping your skin feeling and looking the best. Start your beauty routine with Nature's Bounty. You will glow with it.

The VIPs officiated the launch of Nature's Bounty in Malaysia (= 

During the launch, we had the opportunity to make our own granola cup from the ingredients they have provided. We can decorate our granola cup as well. 

Here's my creation of granola cup (= 

In a nutshell, good nutrition is key to a healthy life. They can improve their health by keeping a balance diet and a proper intake of nutrients. Nature's Bounty is all about beauty from the inside and out - glowing skin and inner radiance to be all they can be - performing their best and making them look and feel great.

A group photo with the Nature's Bounty team (=

Nature's Bounty vitamins and supplements are now available in all Watsons' Malaysia stores. Do check out for more information.  

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