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Holla people! I am back today with another beauty review - Placenta Extract Repairing Mask from Zephyrine, a Taiwanese brand which was founded in 2011. Zephyrine provides 5 range of products from classic, whitening, anti-aging, moisturising and cleanser. 

Zephyrine Placenta Extract Repairing Mask

Zephyrine uses luxurious ingredients with professional formula that naturally and effectively create the most suitable skin care products for Asian women and men. I am going to talk about some of Zephyrine products which includes White Truffle Repairing Cream and Rose Essence Treatment Lotion other than Placenta Extract Repairing Mask. 

Zephyrine Placenta Extract Repairing Mask, White Truffle Repairing Cream and Rose Essence Treatment Lotion 

Let me start off by reviewing Placenta Extract Repairing Mask. This mask comes in a set of 3 which is used to repair, moisturise and soothe the skin. It is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Placenta Extract Repairing Mask - RM63

It contains ingredients such as Placenta, Oat Extract, Pearl Extract, Kabbalah and Seaweed.  

  • Maintain skin hydration and elasticity 
  • Reduce melanin and spots
  • Whiten and brighten skin
Oat Extract 
  • Highly-concentrated vitamin E which maintains skin hydration 
  • Repair and regenerate
  • Improve skin elasticity and firmness 
Pearl Extract 
  • Improve moisture 
  • Lighten acne and scars
  • Unique moisture locking
  • High moisturizing effect
  • Exfoliating
  • Skin tightening 

The mask comes in two films - blue and pearl. The mask sheet itself is very soft and thin. I love this mask as the serum from the mask itself does not drip on my vanity table which does not make it messy. 

The mask is slightly big fo my face but I love that it covered my face fully making sure that all the essence on the mask are well-absorbed on every corner of my face. 

Leave the mask on for about 15 - 20 minutes to ensure that the nutrients of the mask are absorbed fully onto my skin. Once you have removed the mask from the face, ensure to pat the remaining essence in the packaging on your face and remember to apply it around your neck too. 

The essence on the other hand is not sticky and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised as if I have just put on a light moisturiser on the face. My skin feels more hydrated and plumped than before. It may not show an obvious result immediately but I do notice a brighter skin tone with more hydrated skin. 

Next up, I will be talking about Zephyrine White Truffle Repairing Cream. This day cream works to repair skin and gives long-lasting moisturizing effect with the help from the ingredient, White Truffle.  

White Truffle Repairing Cream - RM189

Other ingredients such as yeast (Pitera), Wheat Protein, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Allantoin helps to repair and moisturise the skin while relieving skin irritation.

White Truffle
  • Improve skin self-repairing ability
  • Improve skin moisturization
Yeast (Pitera)
  • Relieve skin irritation
  • Activate skin cell, improve skin firmness and elasticity
  • Effective anti-oxidation and moisturization
Wheat Protein
  • Skin brightening
  • Protect skin from UV
Aloe Vera
  • Deep moisturization
  • Skin stability
Hyaluronic Acid
  • Moisture locking
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Skin exfoliating
  • Skin regenerating

Lightweight texture

This White Truffle Repairing Cream has a lightweight texture and it does not feel sticky on the skin upon application. I love that it absorbs immediately on the skin. 

The gold lid with glass jar packaging makes the whole packaging looks super luxurious. The only drawback of the packaging that it does not come with a spatula which means I have to use my finger to scoop the product out from the jar. 

If you are concerned about the contamination of the product in the jar by dipping your finger in, you can have another option. You can shake the jar hard once and there will be some products stucked on the inner lid from the jar. You can then use it to apply on your face and there will be less direct contact with the whole product in the jar itself. #tipsandtricks

Dot the cream on the face and smoothen it on the face ensure that the cream is fully absorbed on the skin. Bear in mind that moisturizer is an important step in our daily skincare routine. It helps to increase the moisture level of the skin which prevents it from drying out. In short it helps to lock in the moisture on the face for long hours. I constantly remind my friends not to skip moisturiser in your skincare routine. 

Of course you should also forget to apply the moisturiser on the neck as well. This is also an important step as the neck will form fine lines faster than your face. 

Did I mention that the cream smells amazing as well? I have a thing for something that smells good and I am loving this cream so far. I only need a small amount of cream to apply all over my face which means this White Truffle Repairing Cream can be used for a long period of time. 

Last but not least, I am going to talk about the Rose Essence Treatment Lotion. This is the first step in the skincare routine to supply moisture and balance the skin. When I first tried the lotion, I immediately fell in love with the rose scent. 

Rose Essence Treatment Lotion - RM133

This amazing scent of lotion instantly penetrate onto the skin leaving my skin feeling moisturized. Certain toner or lotion which contains alcohol tend to dry out the skin. This Rose Essence Treatment Lotion on the other hand absorbs into the skin pretty well. 

This Rose Essence Treatment Lotion helps to moisturize, soothe and brightens up the skin at the same time. With ingredients such as Pearl Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Red Pomegranate and Rose Hydrosol Water which helps to increase the moisturising effect on the skin and soothe the sensitive skin at the same time. 

Rose Hydrosol Water
  • Replenish skin moisture 
  • Balance skin and soothe sensitive skin 
Pearl Extract 
  • Control pigment spots 
  • Whiten skin from inside out 
Red Pomegranate
  • Whitening and brightening skin
Kabbalah Extract 
  • Moisture and activation 
Aloe Extract
  • Deep moisturising and improve water retention 
  • Repairing and regeneration  

Soak the cotton pad with lotion and apply evenly on the face
Another tips and tricks to share with you guys is to use this lotion as a treatment mask. I personally use this as a treatment mask at least 3 times a week to increase the moisture level on my skin. What I normally do is to pour the lotion in a bottle and soak the paper mask to ensure the paper mask is fully soaked with the lotion and place it on my face for 10 - 15 minutes before applying moisturiser. This could be a great tip for those who forget to bring sheet masks with them especially during travelling. 

So far I have been using Zephyrine products for a few days now and it feels good so far. I love the texture of the cream to lotion and even the mask is amazing. I know that these products are suitable to be used on sensitive skin which is a plus point for those who have sensitive skin because Zephyrine products contain non-harmful, non-heavy metal / silicon, non-preservative, non-alcohol artificial colouring and premium ingredients. It also comes with a SGS certification which means the products are compliant with the national and international standards. 

Results of my skin after the 1st application. So far so good (=

These products can be purchased online @ www.zephyrine.com.my. Good news to all my readers! They are now having 30% discounts on the products if you buy a single product and there is 50% discounts if you purchase 3 products together. Such a good steal right? Remember to check out their website for more information on these products. Do stay tuned to my another blog post on the results after using them for a month! 

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