I'm in dilemma. 
This time is not about any other personal stuffs.
This is about my hairstyle.

I need to change. 
Prolly cause i'm sick of it or i dislike the long fringe disturbing my views.

Tell me which one is nicer.

My current hairstyle.


My old bangs.

I wish to have my old bangs back. But i still wanna keep my fringe longer.
Tell me what should i do. Sigh. 

P/s: Stress max. Just finished hosting Famine 30 event last weekend. Here comes my midterm fever! ARGH!



  1. Since you've already mentioned that you're sick of your long fringe what is there for us to decide for u? I would say remain the fringe before cutting it. The change is now. The bangs seem to be normal nowadays plus more dolly.

  2. prolly sick of it only. i dislike the long fringe disturbing my view. that is why i tend to pin my hair up =(


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