Euphoric Trip to Genting ❤

This is another trip we had made to Genting after my short trip with my mummy and sis last year in November.

This time i went with my coursemates aka dearies. 
It was an impromptu day trip as we planned it at the very last minute.

Around 400++ of photos were taken and i only picked a few to be posted here.
But if you guys wanna see more, can check it out on my Facebook!

I will promise to upload more photos as my lappy is currently out of space.
So i had transferred everything to my WD hard disk.

Anyway life is pretty short.
Learn to appreciate people around you before you want them to appreciate you.
I heart all of you!

P/s: I know my outfit looked like as if i was in overseas. but sorry guys, i was way too cold.  I almost froze to death. Maybe due to my sickness that i hadnt recover for the past one month. =(
Pp/s: Photos are taken from friend's camera:)



  1. Doesn't matter where you are and what outfit you are wearing. You look lovely in those pieces! I love it! =)


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