My Random Shots in Putrajaya ❤

Sorry readers.
I dont have the time to write a long post since i am currently busy with assignments and midterms. =(
Please forgive me.
Therefore, i come up with this short post.
It's about random shots of myself. =)

It was taken during the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya last week.
The weather was freaking hot and i couldnt stand the heat.
Thank god i wore long sleeves on that day or else i would be tanned.

Here are a few shots of me.
Check them out:

P/s: Sorry bout the sunglasses. I had to wear them the whole day cause the weather was too hot. I couldnt stand the sunlight hitting my eyes. That's why i was wearing sunglasses in my photos. =)

Anyway hope you guys enjoyed a few hours of weekend before Monday officially starts tomorrow. =)