Back To Basic

Everything is back to normal. Semester break officially ends today. Hmm. No more sleeping till 11 am everyday. I need to change my biological clock from today onwards. No more playing with sis anymore too. Worst of the worst, it's my final year which means i need to work on my final year project. Im going to be super busy ever again. No more going back to hommie so often after this. Argh! Too fast! Time flies!

Anyway i had fun during my semester break although i sleep and eat alot. I enjoyed singing songs while Gaetana's owner strummed her almost everyday. Sis and i had fun watching Glee over and over again. And the final episode of Glee - New York is awe-inspiring. Finn and Rachel are together again. Teeeheeee... =D Looking forward to the next season. I'm happy that Scotty McCreery was announced as the winner of the American Idol season 10~ Congratulation Scotty!!He is only 17 by the way. Alright, I shall stop blogging now. Need to select a fyp title for my project. Wish me luck peeps!

Will update my escapade with family soon.



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