Get It Right

It took me some time to get it right. And finally i made it with the heart to heart conversation  yesterday. I finally realised that i was the one who lacked of confidence of getting things right. I never come across such problems till my close friend revealed it. Seriously i never have such true friend who dared to voice out everything that i wish to hear from friends who are close with me. Yes, you made it! And i am glad that you stepped into my life. Without your advice, i wouldn't know how i could end up in future. At least, it's never too late to know anything right? 

Trying to reduce the stress i'm currently having

After yesterday, i finally let it go. I never think that much like how i did in the beginning semester. I have a dream. And i will not stop believing myself that i can do it like how you first did it. I will prove to the world that i'm not the stupid dummy girl you guys used to know. Live and learn! =) 

➜6 days to my final paper and i will be free this semester. *elated*
➜The start of my final year battle with FYP shall begin soon. *sigh*

P/s: If your heart and mind got issues, keep that fingers crossed. You need that trust and faith to keep going. (I love this because it resembles my current problem)

~Get It Right (Rachel Berry)



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