My Latest Obsession ❤

A random post from me. FYI, finals were over a few days ago and I am back in Taiping for my two weeks semester break. Since i don't have proper internet connection at home, I am currently blogging using my phone. Anyway, I am happy that I lost weight and satisfied with the current weight since it's the ideal weight for a girl like me. Knowing myself losing so much weight, I sleep and eat like a glutton just to satisfy my cravings for Taiping food. Well, happy holidays peeps! Don't wish to enter the final of my degree life. Imagine yourself facing your FYP 24/7 and cracking your brain to work and balance your time on both studies and project, I think I will be super busy again like my current semester. Hope to utilise my holidays in Taiping and in a week's time, i'm going back to study again. Being a Year 4 engineering student is ain't easy. 

Back to my title, I'm currently obsessed with polaroid camera. I'm super in love with it. Check out the photos below. (using the photo booth to capture them though. teehee)

Looking forward to this weekend. ❤ Are you guys ready? Let's hit it! Lol. That's all. Thank you peeps for spending your time to read my boring post. I heart all of you! Muah! ❤