Loser Like Me!

I'm such a loser. Practically i lost my self-confidence today. From today onwards, don't put high hopes on me cause you will feel disappointed thereafter. I learnt a BIG lesson today. Never take things for GRANTED. I took my brain for granted. I took my book and notes for granted. How on earth i can be such a loser to the extent i feel like throwing myself out from my window. Why am i so DUMB? I don't wish to upset everyone around me but i think i just did a couple of hours ago. 

My friend told me to get married straight away since i think of my future too much. Yes. I do care for my future. Well everyone did. Who didnt? Tell me and I'm gonna smack you right into your face! As we grow older, things will change. For sure, we wont be able to take up all the responsibilities and duties as well as pressures and heavy workloads from family, work and friends. Nevertheless, we need to learn. Learning to work on something is very important in life. From learning, you are then able to think wiser and grow smarter. 

I realised i am not good in time management during exam period. Sis also reminded me on that. I learnt a big mistake today but it's too LATE to know now. I'm pretty depressed now. No more A for me. =/ I want an A for my this particular subject. My university doesnt have proper time scheduling as well. The lecturers set the hard questions for the students and never even come across the time they need to work on each tough question. Imagine you yourself are facing the paper for two hours with 4 tough and lengthy calculations to be worked on in two hours & it is an open book exam. And sorry to tell you guys that please do not have such thinking that open book tests are EASY! And they are not when you need to flip the book for two hours looking for the compound data and information. And they aren't easy to be found. Even though it is easy, you might made mistake by calculating and substituting them wrongly. So tell me how to complete them in two friggin hours?

You can if you have all the answers in the book. Duhh. Like i don't know. Zzzz. Apparently, i was ill-treated for these past few days. Hopefully the last final examination in 8 days' time will light up my dull life and make myself enjoying to the fullest during the coming semester break. Dont go breaking my heart please! I have a weak heart these days. & STOP BEING A LOSER LIKE ME! 

A photo of cute Stitch to end my lifeless post.

~I heart all of you~
~God, I need you to be with me 24/7 to pull it through~



  1. You ain't a loser and don't rant much about you being one. It acts as a reminder of you as a loser rather than telling you not to commit the same thing. You're implying your brain to accept instead of reject.

    Cheer up. What's done is done. Let bygones be bygones. You'll never have the same exact day ever in your life.


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