Bliss ♥

It's a kind of bliss when you are showered with love wherever you go. Last weekend, my dd and mami came and visited sis and i. ♥

How could you ask for more when they gave you extra pocket money to spend each time you see them? The money that they earned every month will be given to you for your education. How could you angry at them when they bought a lot of food for you thinking that you might hungry in the middle of night and there's no food in your room?

How could you just dump them when they call you  just to ensure you don't feel hungry almost every night? They also call every day to concern about your studies and university life. 

How much you can do for them in future when they need your help? Have you ever think how blissful are you when they bought you stuffs that you always wanted without complaining?

Wherever they go, they will think of you. They always make sure that you have enough food to eat and bring you along for delicious food. They don't mind spending so much money on you.

So have you really think what will you do for them in future? Indeed i have. I have one in my mind. I'm determined to make my wish come true. Seriously i love my parents. Where do you find such parents anymore calling you day and night, bring you food though you can buy them at here, give you extra pocket money each time they see you? My parents are my everything. So does Jamie Yeap. Without them, there will be no Janice Yeap today.  

P/s: Browsing all those photos reminds me of my family. When I'm down, my family will always be there for me. They are my pillars of strength to move on. 

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  1. parents are really willing to spend on us, if necessary lah.. amazing huh, i wonder if i can be like that in the future :P


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