Goodbye June! ♡

I had so much fun in the month of June. It was a beautiful month even though i started my new semester during that month.

Sis followed me back the week when i was in Taiping with fam. And i forced her to drive back to KL. =p

Posing with her favourite sunnies~ 
Her beloved Peki. 
Sis and i. 
Time to focus on driving and i enjoyed camwhoring. lol.
We are in our room camwhoring and sent this photo to bro's gf. haha

The sweetest mango i ever had. =)
Sis addicted to Cajun Fries from Popeyes
She had it twice in a week.
Belated daddy's day gift for dd. 
Subway breakfast with sis before i went to uni for lecture. Awesome!~
My dear Stitch posing with my favourite Jagebee. 
New header was put up that week in my blog. =)
Jagabee from Calbee rawks! 
Bought 12 pcs of masks in that week and that made a big collection of face masks. 
Both Peki and Stitch were sleeping soundly while both sis and i were busy with our own stuffs. 

That marked the end of June. Hopefully the month of July will be a good month ahead. God bless me always. Will try to update you guys again as soon as possible. ♡ all of you! 



  1. The fries looks really good, no wonder your sis is addicted to them. :)


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