Skype ❤

Skype is like the best social networking application ever in my laptop. I always use skype to make video call with my mum, sis and bro. With this, i can actually see them almost everyday. Isn't that amazing? Apart from whatsapp which is another application for iPhone, i use to send text messages with sis, bro and bro's gf to keep ourselves updated with each other's news. Besides that, i can make funny face expressions with Jamie and not forgetting my lil Stitch as well. =p

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For your information, she is currently staying in PJ to continue her studies. So near yet so far. We couldn't see each other since both of us are busy with assignments and classes. Therefore, there's the only way that Skype can help us to reduce our miss towards each other. You guys might think we are too close but i personally think this is what siblings should be. Siblings will be there for you only when you need them. Our age gap isn't big therefore we really appreciate each other. Time flies! All of us have grown up! Hmm. 

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Anyway, learn to appreciate each other. As time goes by, you will find it's hard to maintain such relationship after we start to work in future. My brother for example, is always busy with his work and I don't have the time to chat with him at all. Sometimes we only talk for like once a month or maybe two months once. How pathetic it can be? Yes. I'm growing up and time to spend with family is getting lesser and lesser. I seriously love the time when i used to stay at home and spent most of my time with family besides studying in high school. 

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Studies is important. But family is important too. When you are facing problem,the first thing you will think of is your family. Treasure your loved ones and try to spend more time with them. Anyway, it's my beloved auntie's birthday. Thanks for taking care of me since i was born. Sorry for arguing with you at times. And i promised to be a good girl from today onwards. Love you from the bottom of my heart, aunt! Happy 60th Birthday, aunt! *heart*

a kiss for you, aunt! *muah*