Birthday Celebration in Astonishment ❤

Sorry readers. I know that i am gonna bored you guys with my another birthday post. Sorry to say but i was happy and astonished to received birthday gift and celebration with two new friends whom i knew while i worked for Nikon. Time does not prove anything as long as you are sincere towards each other. And this is what i got in return. I was blissful to know them after all. Nikon team rawks~ I made a bunch of great friends when i worked for Nikon.

New friend whom i knew while i worked with her during the Nikon Roadshow. She is Karen from Penang ❤

 Sis also came and visited me on the first day of the PC Expo ❤

Posing with my sis while i was working ❤

Back to the topic. To those who follow my Twitter updates daily, i worked on my birthday itself for Nikon at PC Expo Midvalley from 4th to 6th November 2011. I was sick the whole week and had terrible rashes all over my body, i dreadfully went to work as i had promised my supervisor to work for her for that job. But Nikon new friends were being supportive and helpful and some felt pitiful for me cause i need to work for the three consecutive days with the sick look and body. Photos below are taken after my work in PC Expo Midvalley using Nikon V1. ❤

Heidi ❤

With Hooi Sheng ❤

With Choong Wai and Jason ❤

With Hooi Shan ❤

With Hooi Yee, my supervisor ❤

With Ching Su ❤

Last but not least, a photo of myself. ❤

With the strong encouragement and support from the Nikon gang, dull life had indeed turned into interesting life as they were really funny, friendly and cute as well. Knowing them for only a short while made me realised that friends are not only judged by time but with the sincere hearts that they had treated us. After our PC Expo job in Midvalley, i planned to go back and rest early. But to my surprise, two of my Nikon friends actually gave me a mini surprise birthday celebration at Popeyes~ 

Introducing Theresa and Edwin ❤

I was surprised and almost cried on the spot. But thank god i managed to control my tears. Hehe. Let my pictures do the talking.  ❤

My birthday cake. 

Making wishes. ❤

That's so sweet of them. They even bought me a birthday gift. Awwww~~

Posing with my birthday gift and birthday cake. 

Cutting the birthday cake.

Camwhored before we went back.

Went back home around 12am. Thank god i don't have to work the next day. Hehe. You guys rawks! Love each and everyone of you! ❤

 ❤ signing off, janiceyeap ❤