Karaoke Session ❤

Sorry readers, im blogging a 2011 post. Just wanna share with you guys what i did during my three months break while i am in KL. Well, my two dearies took their short semester while i didnt cause it wasnt the subject i want. =) Another dearie of mine was spending her time in KL doing FYP and working part time. =) 

Since I was busy working for the past one month, i finally got to meet up and this time they suggested to go for karaoke session. Well, i can't read mandarin. So i need them to select the Chinese songs that i am able to sing. Trying to memorise the lyrics and simply sing to be exact. LOL.

My girls! L-R: Jing Yin, Jie Hoai and Kah Khey ❤

I was feeling excited to go for karaoke session since my last session was on June 2011 which was on Jie Hoai's birthday. And i was quite disappointed with the services they provided even though they came up with the new touch screen TV and new interior designs. 

Specky look of mine. 

Camwhoring after the singing session ended. 

The food was sucks too. *thumbs down*

We had our dinner later after the singing session. 

Lil girl trying to act emotional. LOL! 

My girls.. 

P/s: When will we ever have the chance to play, sing and talk like that? I don't wish that our degree life will end so soon.. 

signing off, janiceyeap™